Subject 106 breaks free from his chains to unleash mayhem — June 21st on Steam! It’s time to break the cycle.

Trepang2 features high-octane, first-person gun-fu gunplay and puts players in the shoes of a newly enhanced super soldier on a mission of death, destruction, and revenge. 

Check your corners and blast into a brand-new story trailer below:

Broken out from a government black site by unknown allies and removed of their memories, they’ll be hunted by their captives and an even more otherworldly foe, and will have to arm themselves with an arsenal of devastating weapons and learn how to handle their newfound superhuman abilities to survive the onslaught, all the while unravelling a deadly conspiracy 

Trepang2 key features
  • Over-the-top Action: Dive into a bullet-filled world of death and destruction and put your combat skills to the test against thousands of highly trained special forces operatives who are out for your blood
  • Explosive Campaign and Horde modes: Play through a thrilling campaign and unravel a deadly supernatural conspiracy, or take on waves of ruthless spec-ops forces and see how long you can survive
  • Become Enhanced: Master an arsenal of game-changing supernatural abilities including time distortion, invisibility, superhuman speed and strength to dominate your enemies
  • Brutal Melee Combat: Square up to your foes in close quarters melee combat and go full throttle in rapid fire gunfights. Punch, kick, slide and string together combos to reduce your enemies to dust.
New Key Art

Trepang2’s new key art is finalised! We wanted to illustrate Horizon frantically looking for an escape, aware of Subject 106’s intimidating presence in the shadows. The soldiers are on alert; they know the elite, genetically modified 106 is ready to pounce. Our protagonist disables his cloak, preparing to shift from covert surveillance to overt aggression.

The horror elements of Trepang2 play a significant part in our vision for the art. Yes, this game is about diabolic carnage and giblets hitting the walls — but terrifying, horrific realities also exist. We want to evoke fear in the aesthetic. Horizon know what they’re up against, 106 is a by-product of their heinous endeavours. The formidable, unstoppable force takes on an immovable object. Chaos will ensue. Death, destruction and diabolic scenes await.

We’d love to address the imperious creature in the background and explain what on earth it is. But we think it’s best we leave that to you, Subject 106.

Here’s some snazzy new screenshots to keep the violence at bay, for now.

Thank you for your continued support as ramp up to release! We can’t wait to see you unleash havoc. Trepang2 releases on Steam, June 21st, 2023.

Trepang2 is available to Wishlist now on Steam. To stay up to date, subscribe to the official YouTube channel, follow Trepang Studios on Twitter and join the community on Discord. 

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