The Survivalists is now available to pre-order on Steam!

Purchase early to receive the Monkey Business DLC for FREE plus get even more with the Deluxe Edition including access to a 3 day early beta, more information on that below!

Check out the latest in desert island fashion with the new trailer:

Monkey Business

It’s time to turn your island into a catwalk!

Receive the Monkey Business DLC for free if you pre-order The Survivalists on Steam.

Included is three player hats and three monkey hats which are part of the Box-Ex side quest!

Deluxe Edition

Also available now is the Deluxe Edition which has extra goodies and is currently at a 10% discount of its $32.99 base price!

Get a 3 day early beta access to The Survivalists on Steam, the OST and art book along with the base game plus Monkey Business DLC.

The 3 day early beta access will take place 3 days before the full launch of the game in Q4 2020, we’ll share that exact date as soon as possible.

Pre-Order now on The Survivalists Steam store page

The Survivalists comes to PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2020.

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