Hey Survivalists!

The first official update has just splash landed onto the live islands on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Thank you all for giving us such amazing feedback, we have taken a lot of your input and worked hard to get these improvements out to you as fast as we could. We’ll also be working to get these out to the Apple Arcade versions as soon as we can. This update has already been implemented on Steam, see the patch notes here.

We’ve also put out a bunch of fixes to issues you have all kindly made us aware of too. We hope this vastly improves your continued desert island adventures!

We also recently released a post launch update roadmap to show you where this ship has headed! You can see it here.

Patch notes:

Accessibility Changes

  • Added accessibility option to disable dynamic camera zoom. If disabled, camera will stay at max zoomed out level. (This is designed to help those who suffer from motion sickness)

Difficulty Changes

  • Balancing tweaks to make combat more challenging
  • Orcling flee range reduced by 20%
  • Health increased for Orclings and Spectres
  • Increased number of animals that spawn from warrens
  • Increased number of Orclings that spawn at camps
  • Health increased for large nocturnal animals (panthers and devil boar)
  • Monkeys no longer do knockback

Game Progression Improvement Changes

  • Rebalancing for the cost of items from the Mysterious Strangers shop.
  • Tweaks made to food recipes
  • Combat quests have been added
  • Lore quests appear more often in the mysterious stranger’s shop
  • Treasure chests no longer respawn after the blood moon
  • Rebalanced building recipe costs
  • Most cartables and structures have had increase of +1 for main ingredient needed.
  • Some recipes now require additional ingredients
  • Loot pools for structures updated to reflect recipe changes

Monkey Improvement Changes

  • Change giving items to monkeys to be a hold rather than a press so that you don’t accidentally swap items with monkeys
  • Monkeys default to being in combat mode if not assigned to another task
  • Icon for item held by monkeys is now displayed constantly and does not fade
  • Monkeys in new saves can only be rescued from vaults, they can no longer be found in the wild
  • Monkeys in existing saves now require higher tier items for them to be tamed
  • WIP changes for monkey balancing to make them less overpowered in combat
  • WIP fix for Monkeys set to follow and combat modes retain these modes after loading a save
  • Monkey combat quest and glossary text updated to reflect monkey combat changes
  • Monkey commands can now be given whilst the player is carrying a chest or chair
  • Monkeys will continue working and will no longer automatically be summoned when entering monkey management mode.
  • Working monkeys can be summoned by pressing ‘S’ whilst in Monkey management mode.
  • Single monkey can now be more easily selected when using a controller
  • Monkey work icons no longer overlap monkey names

General Changes

  • Projectiles no longer auto target non-hostile things in the world (except for cogs)
  • Player’s max stamina slightly increased

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for not being able to complete some in-progress recipes when upgrading from an earlier build
  • Fix for corrupted saves caused by bugged mysterious chest
  • Mysterious chest should no longer disappear
  • Fix for softlock when trying to load a save caused by bugged mysterious chest
  • Fix for monkeys no longer following the player after being knocked out
  • Fix for infinite loading screen when joining an online game with a monkey carrying the mysterious chest
  • Fix for teleporters not being interactable when upgrading from a previous build
  • Fixed an issue where teleporters would stop working if a mouse button was pressed during the teleport animation
  • Fixed not being able to use a teleporter whilst holding a chest
  • Fix for vault icons no longer appearing on the map after loading a save
  • Fix for Journal not opening if mini-map icon is clicked with the mouse
  • Fix for an error that was triggering if 100 quest bottles were collected
  • Fix for an error that would sometimes trigger when buying a quest from the mysterious stranger
  • Fix for monkeys not learning to put items if chest is the item is dragged and dropped into the chest with the mouse
  • Fix for Star/Favouriting monkeys not correctly updating favourite monkey status
  • Monkeys can now correctly repair spike traps
  • Fix to stop players exiting teleporters onto unsafe tiles
  • Both meat kebab recipes now produce the same item
  • Fix for players facing incorrect direction when firing bows
  • Fix for blueprints not being able to be built on rare occasions
  • Fix for monkeys not filling their inventory to max capacity
  • Fix for gears and torches sometimes being invisible in labyrinths and vaults
  • Fix for Wooden Slats and Wooden clubs not being craftable
  • Fixed players being unable to sprint whilst item is on their head

Thanks everyone for reading these patch notes, and we’re excited for console players to give all the changes a try! We continue to work on free updates for the game that will expand on content which we’ll share more on soon!

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