Fools! Are you ready for a scoop? Developer Daniel here to share the utmost exciting announcement!

Mark your calendars for May 9th, the day when The Great Lighthouse update and The Deep Sea Duo DLC will be released on Steam! As previously mentioned for 2023, with every FREE major update, we’ll offer a pack of two new characters for purchase to support your favorite hard-working devs!

Have you ever pondered what lies beneath the surface of the Archipelago? Well, we have and we ventured down there so you wouldn’t have to. You would not believe it but we returned with these two magnificent beauties from the depths.

Angus, the anglerfish, has a bright future, but a dark past… With a blinding lure, Angus applies a new special ability to perfectly reflected projectiles to transform them into homing torpedoes!

Jules, the diver, thrives under pressure. The collector’s magnet allows to gain an additional trinket upon defeating a domain’s ruler. Jules is a character who will have a slower start than others, but a potentially devastating endgame.

The same day, The Great Lighthouse update will also be available for everyone! In this update, we crank up a notch the challenge for anyone who has beaten the game at least once.

The Great Lighthouse will propose a total of 15 new difficulty tiers to unlock. In order to unlock a tier, you’ll have to complete the game with the previous tiers active and each time you’ll gain a reward that will add new exciting activities or items in the Archipelago! Spoiler alert, here are the first difficulty tiers and their rewards!

We still have a little more than a week to find a way to open the door of The Great Lighthouse, but bear with us, the lock is really hard to pick…

In the meantime, we found this unusual looking seagull that looks odd, but quite friendly. Weird.

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