Freedom doesn’t come easily and, with the launch of The Escapists on PS4 today, a new influx of prisoners will be gathering tools, making friends and putting their escape plans into action. To help, we’ve grabbed these 5 The Escapists tips from the community’s most seasoned prisoners. Read on!

1. Learn The Routine

Routine is everything to the prison guards and you’ll need to make sure that you’re in the right place at the right time. Fail to follow the prison schedule and guards will become suspicious, raising your heat level. The higher your heat level, the more likely you are to get special visitation from a guards’ baton.

Handily, the prison schedule also takes you on a tour of your detention facility. For your first day at least you’ll want to follow the schedule to the hour, scoping out the building and scouting for weaknesses. After that, you can start to take more risks as you put your plan together…

2. Mastermind a Plan

It takes meticulous planning to break free from your imprisonment. What tools will you need and will you need to craft them? Will you escape at night when guard activity is lower – or during the day to ensure the guards are distracted? What if something goes wrong – do you have a contingency plan?

This advanced thinking won’t just improve your chances of escaping, it’ll improve your chances of surviving if you overlooked a small detail which leads to a failed escape attempt. Get caught and you lose everything, have a back-up plan and you’ll be ready to try again tomorrow.

3. Make Friends

Prison is terrifying when you’re a new fish in a big pond. Having some buddies at your back might just tip the balance when the bullies come looking for a new passtime.

To recruit followers, you’ll need to make some friends. Offer tokens of friendship to fellow inmates to raise their opinion of you! Some items are better received than others, and it’s up to you to work out which ones prisoners will appreciate. Get it wrong and you could end up making things worse! Just be sure not to shower a prisoner with gifts – if their inventory becomes full you won’t be able to give them anything else until the next day.

4. Duct Tape.

Known among seasoned prisoners as “the tape of life” – Duct Tape will solve the majority of problems you’ll face in prison.

Guards constantly on your case? Tape ’em down in the toilets.

Need new equipment? Duct Tape items together to make escape tools.

No one likes you? Give them Duct Tape and they’ll be your best friend forever.

Security camera ruining your looting? Duct Tape the lens to stop it working until the guards can fix it.

Duct Tape saves the day.

5. Timing is Everything

You know the routine. You have a plan. You’ve made preparations. All that’s left is for you to execute your escape.

Timing is crucial here. The time of day effects everything in the prison; the number of guards on patrol, the availability of your followers (who may have jobs, or be locked in their cells at night) – even the tower guard’s ability to shoot you in the face when they see you making a break for the fence. When exactly you decide to execute your escape depends on your plan, but be sure that the conditions are in your favour – don’t try to escape over ground in the middle of the day!

Need More The Escapists Tips?

That’s your lot newbies. Want more? Share your New Fish Tips over in the Team17 Subreddit or join the banter on Twitter with #NewFishTips.

Good luck prisoner, you’re going to need lots of it. And lots of Duct Tape.


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