Courine Siblings

The hand-drawn, beautifully animated lands of Azur are teeming with dangers and hostile Urlag invaders! The pleasant aroma of the environments can be deceptive; great peril and anguish lurk within — for those not strong enough face the adversity of Urlag tyranny. 

In Greak, you play as three Courine siblings: Greak, Adara & Raydel! Each sibling has its own set of abilities; strengths and weaknesses — where one sibling may falter, one can excel. There are many situational combat scenarios that will require certain attributes of each particular sibling to overcome opposing forces. 

Let’s talk about the Courine siblings characteristics and unique attributes!


Greak is the youngest of the three siblings; he’s very swift and agile! He wields a crossbow, as well as a Laurean sword given to him by his brother Raydel.

You will need to cultivate Greak’s nimbleness in order to succeed in the wild; exploiting his advantage of speed will help you decimate the Urlags. You can use Greak’s dodge ability to avoid the enemies’ arrows and roll through the invaders — dash through and strike when in proximity!


Adara is a talented apprentice of the Oracle’s Abbey; her levitation and diving skills make her an excellent explorer. Some of the Oracles’ talents include the ability to communicate with other Courines through their dreams. 

If you need to keep your distance, Adara is your best bet. Use Adara’s arcane magic for devastating long-range attacks!


Raydel —  the eldest of the Courine siblings — is one of the Guardians of the Kindall Fortress; he excels at offense and defence by using his shield and Laurean sword. He is the warrior you want to stand face to face against the Urlags; he’s robust and can inflict serious amounts of damage.

In Azur, the Kindall Guardians use their swords, shields and hook shots to defend their lands from the invasions. Raydel utilises his abilities to keep his siblings safe and assist them in precarious combat situations.

Together, you will traverse the lands of Azur with these three brave siblings on their quest for finding each other and escaping their precious, sacred lands.

Understanding each siblings’ strengths and weaknesses in combat is essential! Utilise the characters separately or together as needed, but beware of your surroundings. Enemies can ambush when you least expect it!

Greak: Memories of Azur releases August 17th — Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch & PC.

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