Team17 has announced that Hay Ewe by Rocket Rainbow will be hatching out under its third-party publishing programme on mobile and tablets later this year.

“When we saw that Team17 were re-entering the publishing arena we were over the moon. Team17 has such an incredible history and the whole team is excited at the prospect of working together,” said JP Vaughan, co-founder and production at Rocket Rainbow.

Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s Managing Director added, “The team at Rocket Rainbow have an incredible pedigree of working on great games prior to forming their own studio. We’re honoured to be their partner to help bring Hay Ewe to mobile and tablets.”

Centring on the adventures of Matilda the sheep, Hay Ewe is an endearing and unorthodox, fast-paced puzzle game set in a world full of characters and colour. Matilda is a natural born leader with the unfortunate task of rounding up the ever-mischievous lambs. Navigate challenging puzzles and avoid treacherous obstacles with your chain of lambs to deliver them to safety.

Hay Ewe is due for a Q2 2014 release on mobile and tablets.

Rocket Rainbow is an independent games studio founded by experienced game developers who grew up in the mobile space. Rocket Rainbow staff include ex-PopCap Games team members, who have been credited with Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies and the 2012 BAFTA award winning Peggle, all games that defined smartphones as a gaming platform.

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