Flockers, the dark, puzzling new IP from leading independent developer and publisher Team17 is now available to download for PC via Steam Early Access for just £11.99/$14.99/13, 99 €.

Flockers is a modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre with a generous helping of sinister foreboding and dark humour for good measure.

For many years sheep have been an integral part of the Worms™ legendry weaponry. Now you must save them from their explosive fate and escape the fearsome factory. Flockers invites you to step hoof into this sinister, steampunk inspired world as you navigate the hapless sheep through a plethora of dark, heinous puzzles in an attempt to save them from their impending doom.

Key features:
·         25 levels with more levels planned during Early Access
·         2 menacing themes with more planned during Early Access
·         Level Editor – Create your own deadly puzzles
·         Steam Workshop Support – Share your own creations easily through Steam Workshop
·         Collectibles and Rewards
·         Steam Leaderboards
·         Plus lots of updates planned for Early Access

Those who purchase the game while it’s in Early Access will get the game at a discounted price, compared to its launch price, and will also receive both a digital artbook and digital soundtrack.

Flockers is available to download now for PC via Steam Early Access for just £11.99/$14.99/13,99 €.

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