2018 has been a pretty special year here at Team17. Between new releases and ports to new systems, we’ve put out a whopping 12 games this year, eight of which were completely new! We’re proud of every single one of them but it’s fair to say that a handful have been especially popular out there in the real world. Overcooked! 2 built on the success of the original and has dominated our mentions ever since its release in August, and the wonderful Yoku’s Island Express is so fresh and orginal, it’s been one of our most critically acclaimed releases of all time!

With all this in mind, we thought we’d give ourselves a big old pat on the back and round-up the incredible number of “game of the year” awards and nominations that these three games have received. JUST LOOK AT THEM ALL…


From its surprise announcement in the Nintendo Direct at this year’s E3, right up to the recent release of the Kevin’s Christmas Cracker level pack, it’s fair to say that Overcooked! 2 has been hugely popular. We couldn’t be more proud to see how much you’ve all taken to our co-op cooking sequel. We love hearing from each and every one of you, and the awards are just the icing on the cake! Here’s a list of the accolades so far…

WINNER – Best Family GameThe Game Awards 2018
WINNER – Best Family/Social GameGame Critics Awards 2018
WINNER – Best Reviewed Games of 2018True Achievements
WINNER – Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2018Gadgets 360
WINNER – Top 50 Games of 2018Game Revolution
WINNER – 50 Best Games of 2018Vida Extra
WINNER – Top 10 Games of 2018Simon Miller
WINNER – Highest Reviewed Games of 2018PC Gamer
NOMINATION – Better With Friends AwardSteam
RUNNER-UP – Best Co-op GameTwinfinte

Don’t forget Overcooked! 2 is still up for the Better With Friends award over on Steam. You can vote here before January 3rd!


Yoku is the little dung beetle that could! Not only did he save Mokumana Island in pinball-metroidvania, Yoku’s Island Express, but he’s also appeared in almost 40 game of the year lists in 2018 so far! If you still haven’t sampled the delights of Yoku’s Island Express then you really do have to give it a try. There’s a free demo available now on all platforms.

WINNER – The 12 Best Games of 2018US Gamer
WINNER – The Best Games to Play of 2018Gamespot
WINNER – The Best Action Adventure Games of 2018Gamespot
WINNER – Game of the Year 2018: Editor’s SpotlightGamespot
WINNER – The 20 Best Video Games of 2018The Guardian
WINNER – The 50 Best Games of 2018The Telegraph
WINNER – The Bestest and Most Top PC Games of 2018Rock, Paper, Shotgun
WINNER – The 10 Best PC Games of 2018PC World
WINNER – 10 Brilliant Video Games The You Might Have Missed in 2018Lad Bible
WINNER – Best Games of 2018Fandom
WINNER – The Best Games of 2018Fingerguns
WINNER – Highest Reviewed Games of 2018PC Gamer
WINNER – The Best 2018 Games You Might Have MissedTrue Trophies
WINNER – The Top 10 Best Games of 2018AV Forums
WINNER – The Most Valued Games of 2018Vandal
WINNER – GameCentral Top 10 – 2018Metro
WINNER – The 24 Best Games of 2018 iNews
WINNER – 11 Video Games I Played Obsessively in 2018Sweety High
WINNER – The 11 Best Nintendo Games of 2018The Gamer
WINNER – The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks of 2018Fact
WINNER – Best Video Games of 2018Geek.com
WINNER – Best PC Games of 2018PC World YouTube
WINNER – The 25 Best Video Games of 2018Slant
WINNER – The 7 Best Non-Violent Games of 2018Fanbyte
WINNER – Best/Favourite Games of 2018Rock, Paper, Shotgun
WINNER – Best in Video Games 2018The Avocado
WINNER – Best of 2018Game Revolution
WINNER – Best of 2018: Video GamesEntropy
WINNER – The Best Video Games of 2018The Scotsman
WINNER – My Favourite Games of 2018Game Blast
WINNER – Top Ten Games of 2018OK Beast
WINNER – Best Albums of 2018Cambridge Audio
RUNNER-UP – Best Debut Indie GameThe Game Awards
RUNNER-UP – Best Platformer of 2018IGN
RUNNER-UP – Best Switch Game of 2018Destructoid
RUNNER-UP – Best Independent Game 2018The Sixth Axis
RUNNER-UP – Game of the Year 2018The Computer Game Show
HONORABLE MENTION – The 2018 Indie Game of the YearGamecrate
HONORABLE MENTION – 5 Most Innovative Games of 2018Twinfinite

Congratulations to the developers of these three award winners – Ghost Town Games, Villa Gorilla and of course our own in-house Team17 studio who contributed to all these releases and led development on Overcooked! 2. None of this success could have been achieved without the brilliant and talented individuals who work so hard to make them a reality.

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