Team17 were delighted to attend the TIGA awards 2015 where we picked up some shiny new awards!

First up was the Diversity Award for Beyond Eyes, by one of our Games Label developers Tiger and Squid. The game features the beautiful story of a young blind girl Rae, stepping beyond the realms of the familiar out into the big wide world in search of her feline friend Nani.

Next up was the Outstanding Leadership Award, which we were thrilled to win!

Finally our Games Label partner Playtonic picked up an award for the Best Startup Development Studio 2015. They’re currently working on the eagerly awaited Yooka-Laylee featuring best friends Yooka and Laylee in a gorgeous open world.

We’d like to give a big thankyou to the TIGA Awards and everyone that voted for us. We were amongst some amazing companies, which makes the awards even more special!

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