Watch the debut cinematic announcement for the upcoming roguelike deck builder from the developer of Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and get ready to join humanity’s quest for a new home in the stars next year.

Award-winning independent games label Team17 Digital and esteemed Canadian developer Blackbird Interactive have today announced a publishing partnership to bring Earthless, a brand-new science-fiction, roguelike deck builder, to Steam Early Access in 2024.

Founded in 2010 by Rob Cunningham (CEO), Blackbird Interactive is one of the original creators of the iconic Homeworld franchise and has since forged its reputation with players and critics alike with its iconic and innovative experiences including the acclaimed titles Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and the recently released, Minecraft Legends.

In Earthless, players will experience a rich, sci-fi story of loss, hope, and human endurance following the destruction of the Sun. They will captain humanity’s final colony ships through space in a series of roguelike adventures, exploring a web of ever-changing and treacherous star systems while engaging in strategic, grid-based combat with mysterious, interstellar enemies. During each voyage, players will also build a deck of unique tactical abilities and manage the crew on board their vessel, making difficult ethical decisions that could directly impact the well-being of their team … and the survival of humanity.

Earthless Key Features
  • Captain on Deck: Captain a starship in daring roguelike voyages through webs of treacherous and ever-changing star systems to lead the survival of the species. Engage with enemies in tactical grid-based combat and make difficult decisions that could directly impact the well-being of your crew.
  • Play the Hand You’re Dealt: Collect over 75 cards, each with unique abilities and tactical combinations. Build the perfect hand to boost your capabilities and steel your ship against mysterious, interstellar threats.
  • Win Their Hearts: With each new voyage comes a brand-new crew! Win their allegiance to unlock powerful bonuses, or disregard their needs at your own peril.
  • Bring A Friend: At early access launch, play with a friend in two-player co-op mode. Work together to discover unique cards and forge humanity’s new frontier together.

Earthless is available to Wishlist now on Steam. To stay up to date, check out the official website, like the game on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join the community on Discord.

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