We are delighted to share that we have acquired San Francisco based independent games publisher The Label. Established in 2014 by an experienced team of mobile game developers, The Label has accelerated the growth of a number of indie game studios.

Some of their most notable projects include working with Triband on the hilariously silly What the Golf? Ed McMillen on the prequel to The Binding of Isaac, The Legend of Bum-Bo and Cipher Prime on the visually stunning and captivating Lineweight.

Our CEO, Michael Pattison said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with The Label’s entrepreneurial team, who are true pioneers in the delivery of quality mobile subscription games and technology. The Label is a fantastic addition to the Team17 family, creating an indie game powerhouse across PC, console and mobile platforms. We look forward to helping them build on their impressive track record of success.”

Click the links below to check out The Label games on our website:

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