Team17 is partnering with BKOM’s studios to publish Sunday Gold, coming to PC in 2022!

Set in a dystopian 2070 London, it combines strategic turn-based combat, puzzle-solving and a trio of cutthroat criminals: hot-headed Frank Barber, keyboard warrior Gavin Dorsey, and bare-knuckle boxing Sally Wheeler

Using the mechanics of classic point-and-click games with escape-room-style puzzles, our protagonists will have to decipher clues in order to escape certain death.

Control each of them during stylish turn-based combat and use their unique skills and attacks to your advantage!

Beware of the mysterious and monstrous billionaire CEO of Hogan Industries, Kenny Hogan, while you attempt to extort a pocket-lining payday from him.

Kenny Hogan is also infamous for his involvement in brutal cybernetic dog races – his price pooch’s name will probably sound familiar to you: he’s called Sunday Gold…

  • Lose yourself ┬áin an unwelcoming world that will show you a gritty near-future London, where secrets are hidden behind every locked door.
  • Experience a unique combat experience of comic book inspired sequences, where you get to use specific skills and attacks.
  • Scratch your head as you solve each room’s mystery, combining observation, deduction and puzzles.
  • Stay cool while you encounter cybernetic dogs, psychotic billionaires and come across dead bodies.
  • “Better together” will be your motto, as the trio’s abilities will all come in handy in order to succeed.

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