We’re partnering with Woodland Games, a Polish independent development studio, to bring Autopsy Simulator to PC. 

Autopsy Simulator is a gruesome blend of morbid simulation, story-driven mystery and psychological horror set in 1990s New Orleans.

You’ll find yourself stepping into an eerie dissection room to perform realistic corpse examinations, solve disturbing cases and face horrors – both supernatural and those of your past.

This is not for the faint-hearted.

In Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories, you take on the role of Jack, a middle-aged pathologist whose life – private and professional alike – took a turn for the worse. After suffering a career downfall, the loss of your beloved wife was the final nail in the coffin.

Shattered and depressed, you live your daily life feeling like an empty shell. That is until one day, during a routine post-mortem, you find a relic of the past hidden inside a body.

It feels like the something just won’t let go.

Each case has been designed with the help of real life pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, ensuring the feel of being involved in an authentic autopsy process… down to even the most gruesome details.

Key Features 

  • Mystery Driven Story: Examine the bodies and study the files to get all the answers. Every case has its own story and each victim has their secrets – uncover them to solve the puzzles and learn the truth about both your subjects, and yourself.  
  • Stay Sane: Perform each autopsy through Jack’s eyes, as you confront the boundary between reality and the supernatural.  
  • Gruesome Realism: In-game bodies, organs and injuries are crafted with unprecedented attention to detail. 
  • Morbid Simulation and Horror: A combination of engrossing gameplay mechanics and spine-chilling moments will keep you on your toes.  
  • An Immersive, Gritty Setting: Experience the small-town, stuffy atmosphere of the fictional town of Petesville, Louisiana. Although it’s just one small step to taste the big city life, there is something in Petesville that just makes people stay… 
  • Two Sinister Modes: Autopsy Simulator will include both a story mode titled ‘Autopsy Simulator: Dead Memories’, and an ‘Autopsy-Only’ mode. 

Coming to PC, November 2022.

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