It’s update time, which means more content for you because after all your life isn’t complete without a Sentry Gun Trap is it? And it’s turns out surviving and doing stuff is actually pretty tiring, so treat your family to the coffee machine they deserve. Here’s a list of the changes in today’s update:

New content:
• Added Sentry Gun Trap to workbench tier 4. Heavier duty protection against raiders.
• Added Makeshift Recycler to workbench tier 2. A less efficient version of the Recycling Plant.
• Added Coffee Machine to workbench tier 3. Fulfils a small amount of thirst and tiredness.
• Added Coffee Beans item, to use with the Coffee Machine.
• Added location “The Restaurant”. Expeditions may find coffee beans more easily here.
• Added CCTV to workbench tier 4. Detect raiders a short time before a raid begins.
• Added Radio Transmitter upgrades:
o New upgrade menu for the Radio Transmitter
o Tier 1 increases scanning speed by 25% and increases visitors by 20%
o Tier 2 increases scanning speed by 50% and increases visitors by 40%
o Tier 3 increases scanning speed by 75% and increases visitors by 60%

Changes/tweaks to existing content:
• Paint trap has moved to workbench tier 1
• Spike trap has moved to workbench tier 2
• Shotgun trap has moved to workbench tier 3.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug where moveable surface objects would not turn red when in an invalid position.

We’ve been indulging in the coffee ourselves as we continue to work on new content for Sheltered. We’re still combing through the forums to gather feedback, and we have plenty more in store for you all.

Love Sonny, Dean and Team17

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