The third game update for Sheltered will soon be knocking on your rad doors. It’s full of tweaks that should make the game a smoother experience (as smooth as surviving in a radiated wasteland can be). And we finally found the keys to the RV, so you can fix it up and take it across the wasteland to travel even further.

Change log:
• The Game Over screen will now feature an obituary detailing how each family member died.
• Cause of death has been added to the commentary panel when someone dies.
• An information panel has been added to the customisation screen explaining stats and traits.
• An information panel has been added to the final customisation screen explaining pet abilities.
• New paint colours have been added.
• Tool descriptions now state what the tools do (increase fix craft speeds).
• Books, records and toys will now be stored in the mains storage if they don’t have the relevant storing objects.
• New backgrounds have been added and previous backgrounds have been upgraded.
• Tutorial pop ups will explain each illness as they happen.
• When the first person dies a tutorial pop up will explain the different options.
• A tutorial has been added explaining automation.
• The cat/dog bowl will now have a plaque to make it more visible.
• The map will now tell you the last time you visited a location when you hover over it on the map screen.
• A hint will now tell you when there is no water for the shower or toilet when a character tries to use them.

Bug fixes:
• The RV is now selectable when complete.
• HUD elements will now appear when rearranging the shelter.
• Audio and language settings will now save and not revert between sessions.

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Sonny, Dean + everyone at Team17

P.S – We highly recommend this video series from Paul Soares Jr, next time you need a break from harvesting people.

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