It’s time for another update!

It’s been a shelter-shaped rollercoaster of emotions over the last couple of days. The stories and feedback have been incredible. We’ve been listening to what you think needs to be changed and have come up with a patch, which we think will make the game better.

The second game update for Sheltered will be shortly be knocking on your rad doors with:

Gameplay changes
• A maximum time between rainfall of four days.
• Water is now more likely to be found whilst exploring.
• Construction materials (plastic, wood, nails and duct tape) are now more likely to be found whilst exploring.
• Gas masks can now be found whilst exploring.

Bug fixes
• Fixed an issue where pressing [Esc] at the end of the tutorial would stop the player from being able to interact with objects.
• Fixed an issue where the Main Menu wasn’t working at certain resolutions lower than 1920×1080.
• Added a clickable link to the Steam forum for the game.

We’ve got so much more to come, so stay tuned for regular updates here on Steam, Twitter and over on the forums for the Xbox One version of the game.

Sonny, Dean + everyone at Team17

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