Today we’re excited to announce that as part of today’s Sheltered update (Steam), a new mode has been added to the game – Surrounded.

You’re Surrounded…

A family of three, desperately low on supplies, makes the tough decision to split-up. The father heads out into the wilderness to look for the vital supplies that will keep his family alive, telling them he’ll be back in 50 days with the resources to save them from starvation.

The remaining family members, a mother and son, barricade themselves into their shelter, desperate to keep the horrors of the apocalypse at bay…but it’s not just the mutated and starving beasts they should fear.

Seeing the family temporarily separated and weakened, gangs of bandits and marauders put their plans into action to try and evict the family from their shelter, by any means necessary. The family have faced bandits in the past, but something is different this time. These groups have found themselves bosses, powerful individuals that won’t go down easily…

50 Days

Limited supplies

No way to replenish your water

You are alone

You are surrounded…

Surrounded is playable now and available to all players who own Sheltered on Steam.

If you’re yet to pick up Sheltered and test out your survival skills in the apocalypse you can pick up the game via the Steam Store Page here.

Full details here.

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