Part of the Team17 Indie Label, Sheltered has come a long way since its successful Kickstarter campaign finished in July 2014.

Developed by 3-man studio Unicube, Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic survival game where nothing lasts forever. You’re tasked with managing the lives of a family (who have found relative safety in an underground bunker) from the cut-throat, desolate and irradiated wasteland outside. You’ll keep them as physically and mentally healthy as possible, using the shelter’s survival features and exploring a randomly generated wasteland for the supplies that the shelter cannot provide.

Keeping everyone alive won’t be easy. Supplies will run out. Mutated wildlife will wreak havoc on your shelter. Your shelter’s components will need repairs, forcing you to venture outside and, out there, other survivors will cross your path.¬†You’ll be faced with tense encounters which you’ll need to carefully manage – making the wrong call could be deadly. Making the right call could save a life.

Today, Unicube launched their first gameplay teaser alongside their latest development update for the game Рand you can watch it here:

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