Discover a new game mode, fresh cosmetics, a brand new challenge skin and more 👀

Hey Flock! 👋 Season 3 is now out for Headbangers, which sees the arrival of our brand new gamemode: Battle of the Dancers. Ready for 1v1 rhythm battles to a selection of new tracks? Discover more by watching our Season 3 Launch Trailer below: 👇

🪩 Battle of the Dancers: How to Play

In Battle of the Dancers, the last Pigeon standing wins… or you could say it is Owl or nothing! Your aim to play the music in rhythm, without any mistakes. Hit all buttons in a row without any mistakes and you’ll begin filling up your fireball gauge. When this fills, you’ll send a devastating fireball at your opponent, which lowers their health bar. The pigeon with the most health at the end of the round is the winner and can deal the final blow!

📈 Voting Options, Ranked Mode & More!

When creating our new game mode, we have implemented changes based on community feedback since our launch in October 2023. Battle of the Dancers will include features such as voting options, expanding on the music genres and the addition of a Ranked Mode- all for Battle of the Dancers!

🎨 New Challenge Skin: The Painter Pigeon

We are happy to introduce our new Challenge Skin for Season 3… The Painter Pigeon. Unlock this skin by completing in-game challenges and become an art icon just like the famous painters Pigecasso and Michelangelcrow!

3️⃣ Season 3’s Other Features

Alongside the release of Battle of the Dancers and a new Challenge Skin for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, Season 3 brings a refresh to the in-game shop, a fresh 30-tiered free battle pass with new cosmetic items and more!

We hope you enjoy Season 3 of Headbangers: Rhythm Royale! 👋

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