Hey Switch Heroes,

Today we’re pleased to share with you that a bumper sized patch for Rogue Heroes is available now for all regions on Nintendo Switch!

This patch addresses a range of issues and bug reports for both single and multiplayer, so you should find your experience much smoother and bug free from today!

On top of that the team have been listening closely to feedback from the community in regards to the classes in the game. Things like what do you like? What could do with a buff or a change? And what else would you like your Heroes to be able to do? Because of that you’ll find some rather substantial improvements to a range of classes, with even more planned for the future! (Like some more focused improvements to the Ranger).

If you have any feedback or things you’d like to see done to your favourite class, head on over to the official Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Discord and say hi!

Rogue Heroes: Switch Patch 1

Class Improvements


  • Added a new ability to the Reaper allowing them to absorb monster essence upon slaying an enemy and unleash a guaranteed critical hit on collecting enough. The Reaper will glow orange when they’ve absorbed enough energy.
  • Added reaper health absorption. Every 40 energy from fallen enemies absorbed returns 1% of the players health


  • Added Mana on kill when using a sword (10% mana per kill)
  • Added bonus damage to runes (100% -> 150%)
  • Reduced mana cost of runes (100% – > 75%)
  • Reenabled Rune burst fire for the Mage. Fire and Ice spells will now fire between 1 and 3 projectiles and Magic Missile will fire between 7 and 10 projectiles


  • Potions used by Witch do 1/2 effect to all nearby players
  • 200% effect for health and magic potions
  • 150% effect from damage, armor, class ability cooldown buffs
  • 125% effect from speed potion buff

Other Tweaks

  • Made 50% of enemies killed by an arrow by the Ranger class drop an arrow
  • Increased Thief attack damage by 20%
  • Reduced Pirate attack damage by 12.5%
  • Changed Knight stats (Reduced attack damage by 25%, increased attack cooldown from 1.5s to 3s, decreased stun duration by 25%)
  • Reduced Bomber stun timer by 12.5%
  • Increased wand damage by 20% for all classes
  • Added brief invincibility (1 second) to finishing a Knight or Bomber’s leap ability

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added Abandon Run option to pause menu which will kill the player allowing them to leave a dungeon at will. Players will retain all loot as if you were killed by an enemy, trap or misplaced bomb.
  • Added toggle for turning off screen shake in the options menu
  • Made all players online able to use the sub-screens at once
  • Updated loading screen and online lobby images for PC and Switch
  • Made the house editor cursor position default to the house panel when opened
  • Made Endless dungeon scale up in difficulty more quickly. Floors will now increase in monster level by 6 instead of 3
  • Rebalanced final boss fight so bows and wand are still effective. Now arrows and magic will do 1/3 of their base damage instead of 1/10

Switch-Specific Fixes

  • Fixed: Upgrading a demo save which has the bottle unlocked to the full game will cause the title to crash
  • Fixed: [Online Co-op] Players may not be able to join private lobbies
  • Fixed: Players could crash when using a wand in offline sessions after using them online
  • Fixed: [Online co-op] Sometimes clients may be blocked from transitioning
  • Fixed: The title would occasionally crash if too many sound effects were played at once (such as when opening the coffin in the Mausoleum side dungeon)

Online Fixes

  • Fixed: Any pick up-able objects may disappear when they are thrown between two clients during an online co-op game.
  • Fixed: The client kicked from the session inside the hero’s house remains in the session for around 20 seconds.
  • Fixed: The player is able to get the ‘Acquire farm equipment’ quest completed without required items in the inventory if another player in an online session has them.
  • Fixed: Fishing with 3 other people during online co-op gameplay may result in fishing hook landing outside the screen.
  • Fixed: Hitting Koleoptera’s tail by the host causes desynchronization between the clients and the host in an online co-op session.
  • Fixed general overworld desync issues after finishing a dungeon or sleeping with a farm in the village due to farm data becoming out of sync
  • Fixed the boss key sometimes spawning invisible or not spawning at all in online play when one player dies
  • Fixed issues with players being assigned to the same slots of a lobby when leaving and rejoining
  • Fixed the host’s music muting when a player leaves a session in the lobby screen
  • Fixed beast statue rooms not being setup consistently with other players
  • Fixed players getting charged a multiplier of an upgrade tree node cost for players 2, 3, and 4 in an online session
  • Made the Frog Flute play an error sound and not run a dialog when in a boss fight if used to prevent the boss fight from becoming out of sync


  • Fixed: Players fall through pits on Terakar Keep boss fight before pits have been created.
  • Fixed: Koleoptera’s fire attack causes all pits to disappear for client players.
  • Fixed: One of the pits may disappear for the clients after one of them dies during the boss fight in Terakar Keep dungeon 1.
  • Fixed: The Skeleton’s life bar in the Mausoleum goes outside of the box for all clients in online co-op mode.
  • Fixed: Getting trapped in webs by an Araknar whilst walking down steps can put the player on the wrong layer.
  • Fixed: The character loses collision with the specific Chirinole enemies after transitioning from Overworld_Q18 to Overworld_Q16.
  • Fixed: Player can receive gems from a Mimic in KezarCave5.
  • Fixed: Zap Jelly electric attack deals very little damage in Omega Titan boss fight.
  • Fixed: Boomerang radius not changed despite upgrading to full.
  • Fixed: The player can enter the final boss warp from its upper side.


  • Fixed: Player cannot beat Dungeon2 2x1i if the 3 boxes are destroyed before the player can open the chest.
  • Fixed: Spikulo enemy does not respawn upon pressing the reset button in room 1x1i.
  • Fixed: Purchasing a health or magic potion from Bones in a dungeon will deduct gems instead of coins.
  • Fixed: Stuck after talking to dungeon trader.
  • Fixed: Cannot toggle-off the Temporal Scope when in dungeons.
  • Fixed: [Spanish] The Floor Spikes trap image overlaps the texts on the Death Screen after being killed by the Floor Spikes trap.
  • Fixed: The player may be forced to take unavoidable damage when entering the 1x1j room of the Kryomar Temple dungeon.
  • Fixed: The player is able to walk past the floor spike trap without taking any damage in room 1x1k in the Terakar Keep dungeon.
  • Fixed: Player can walk on some areas of thick mud in Dungeon2 room 1x1p without sinking.
  • Fixed: Some ledges in Dungeon3 room 2x1i don’t have any collision.
  • Fixed: The player gets unavoidable damage when entering one room of the third dungeon through a door generated in a specific place.
  • Fixed: The water streams located in the 1x1e room of the Terakar Keep dungeon have corrupted graphics.
  • Fixed: One on occasion in a 4-player local co-op session the players revealed the chest in Dungeon1 1x1h without fully completing challenge.
  • Fixed: Solving puzzle in Dungeon4 2x1e without using the block causes the chest to appear inside the block.
  • Fixed: The character is clipping through the wall when entering or leaving the Boss Key room of the Kryomar Temple dungeon.


  • Fixed: Players can progress to ‘Lower the Lava Level’ if the player obtains the grappling hook, travels south on the water and hooks across a bridge before entering a lava shrine.
  • Fixed: Progressing a profile which has not unlocked the mud boots to the quest to ‘help the trapped swampfolk’ will block them from obtaining the mud boots.
  • Fixed: Progressing a profile which has not unlocked the mud boots to Croaker Caverns to obtain the Frog Flute will prevent them from obtaining the mud boots.
  • Fixed: Made warping to dungeon 4 when on Find Dungeon 4 advance the quest state
  • Fixed: Made the hermit NPC give the player a compass regardless of quest state if they’re beyond this quest and don’t own it
  • Fixed players being able to use the Ranger, Mage, Knight, and Bomber abilities to move past ice slopes without the Ice Boots
  • Fixed talking to swamp guard before the explore the swamp quest causing the next dialog/quest to not be available
  • Fixed going to dungeon 4 and revealing it before completing dungeon 3 causing the quest state to not move forward when arriving there later for the Find Dungeon 4 quest
  • Fixed not being able to turn in the farmer quest when the player has collected the Kezar Fist before starting it
  • Fixed some issues with turning in 3 fish to Emily in the dock house. Added check in save updater to fix this if it occurs.


  • Fixed: The fish carpet has a collision.
  • Fixed: Player will get stuck in the wall if they place the squirrel bed against the right-hand wall in their house.
  • Fixed: The Dock House building disappears after getting lost in the Overgrowth woods.
  • Fixed: Using the storm rune near the market stall causes the NPC to overlap with the closed curtain.
  • Fixed: Using the storm rune near the market stall during storm causes NPC’s sprite to disappear.


  • Fixed: Using Grappling Hook and getting hit by the nearby Wurmulon at the same time will result in the player being stuck in mud in Overworld_C13.
  • Fixed: The reeling sound remains audible after failing to catch a fish.
  • Fixed: Player can walk over a small hill in Overworld_F12.
  • Fixed: The character loses collision with the environment after transitioning from Overworld_Q5 to Overworld_Q4.
  • Fixed: Jumping behind a tree in Overworld_D5 can cause issues.
  • Fixed: An attempt of jumping to the lake in Overworld F7 near the tree will result in small teleportation loop of the character.
  • Fixed: Player can walk up a hillside in Overworld_S16.
  • Fixed: Using the shield whilst the watering can is equipped will show both items.
  • Fixed: The spikes on the ground do not damage the player in Cave F7 in the Crumwell Swamp region.
  • Fixed: The water and sand textures overlap with each other at the edge of Overworld_E18 in Nostroc Beach.
  • Fixed: The water and sand textures overlap with each other at the edge of transition between the Overworld_A18 and Overworld_E18.
  • Fixed: There is invisible collision present in Cave K1 in Mount Sekoset region 4.
  • Fixed: Some power spheres hidden under the ground are not marked with the “X” sign.
  • Fixed: Player can get stuck between rocks in water in Overworld_N18.
  • Fixed: The player’s character is able to walk on the walls in Cave H5 in the Mount Sekoset region.
  • Fixed: The character riding in the croaker is clipping with a column in the Region 2 – Crumwell Swamp A14.
  • Fixed: The cliff located in the Overworld_B13 is missing collision.
  • Fixed: Player can walk along hillside in Overworld_B9.
  • Fixed: Player will transition from Overworld_D1 to E2 if they walk into a gap on the hillside.
  • Fixed: Player may be transitioned from Overworld D15 to previous land they stood on or to Overworld C16 if they push into a corner whilst using a Croaker.
  • Fixed: Walking into a gap in the hillside in Overworld_H6 near Breezy House will push the player on top of the water.
  • Fixed: Walking into a gap in the hillside in Overworld_N10 near Breezy House will transition the player to Overworld_P11.
  • Fixed: The player may get stuck in trees after walking between the tree and the wall cliff in the Overworld_H6 in the Tufton Fields region.


  • Added chance for Zap Jelly spawns in several Dungeon 1 rooms
  • Added chance for Zellenak to spawn in more Dungeon rooms
  • Added some tall grass within croaker caverns to give players more of a chance to heal up in this area
  • Made zombie not stun when taking damage while rising out of the ground
  • Made zombie not cause collision damage briefly to players when first starting to leave the ground

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dialog getting stuck on when selecting Yes when client talks to Griff in first quest
  • Made the farm lot build immediately on its lot instead of going to lot selection as only one lot is available and clicking on it wasn’t functioning
  • Made dead players not needed to move forward and ready up when in lobby house
  • Fixed rain not watering crops when changing days or using the storm rune
  • Fixed Mimic blocking the path forward in some cases, the chest will no disappear when opened
  • Fixed closing a popup for equipping a new class in the tailor shop can cause players to trigger the side effects of the last run popup
  • Fixed pressure plates updating while dormant
  • Fixed being able to buy tools from the tool shop instead of getting them from Niks research shop
  • Fixed an issue where players could leap from Breezy Island on overworld_H6 and land on the water
  • Fixed an issue where players could walk through collision on overworld_K16
  • Fixed an issue where players could clip through a wall and skip a locked door in croaker caverns
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a wall while transitioning, leading to softlock in croaker caverns
  • Fixed an issue where a solo player could potentially get themselves stuck between two switch barriers in Dungeon 3 2x1e
  • Fixed keys being able to be placed in the same chest multiple times causing players to occasionally become stuck with no way to continue. This was the cause of sometimes not having enough keys to complete a dungeon.
  • Fixed Screen Shake setting in the options not saving between launches
  • Fixed the red rock barriers not allowing the slab to move after being destroyed. Caused by recent changes to solve desync issues
  • Made farm plots marked blocked in error fix when loading a save
  • Fixed players entering the disabled tool purchase section and highlighting non visible nodes with the mouse in the tool shop
  • Fixed Stick objects in farm not clearing debris status when destroyed
  • Fixed ghosts not detaching from objects that are destroyed by another player
  • Fixed ghost players being able to haunt destroyed objects
  • Fixed being able to pick up gems placed on the map more than once with the grappling hook or boomerang
  • Fixed the back input not working in some options menus

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