Hey Heroes,

Today we’re excited to announce that Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos will be launching on Nintendo Switch this summer alongside Steam!

Check out Rogue Heroes’ 1-4 player Roguelike RPG goodness in action with the Nintendo Switch announce trailer below:

Whether you’re a solo hero or playing multiplayer you’ll be able to experience the full Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos campaign from start to finish by making use of the game’s procedurally generated dungeons that create a bespoke and unique playthrough no matter your party size.

Key Features

Adventure Time!

Rogue Heroes is a 4 player action RPG with roguelike elements, combining procedural dungeons and an expansive overworld full of secrets. Take down the various dungeons, build up your village, or just fish, farm and swim around Tasos.

Top Down!

Rogue Heroes features classic top down sword slashing combat with a large set of tools, spells, and weapons at your disposal. Fight through 5+ dungeons each with their own style, room layouts and unique dangers.

A Unique Experience!

Dungeons are procedurally generated to connect hand made rooms and mix up the layout so no two runs are the same. Keys, puzzles, and traps are mixed up, even within the rooms things won’t always play out the same way. Combining randomization with hand placements gives replayability without the fallbacks of uninteresting design that can come from full random generation.

Multiplayer and Levelling Up!

Play in solo or in coop, online or locally, with up to 4 players through the entire campaign beginning to end. Build up your village into a bustling community, take down the dungeons that threaten the outer areas and collect tools to open up your world. Max out your Hero and take them into the infinite dungeon to see how they stack up against a never ending onslaught of enemies, traps, and puzzles.

Rebuild Tasos and Relax!

Fish, Fight, Farm, Build, Explore there’s many things to do in Rogue Heroes all with their own progression that feeds into other activities and pursuits.

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