Hey everyone,

Today we’re excited to announce that a free Steam demo of Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is available to download from our Steam Store page to play right now!

You can check out the full details below…

What does the demo include?

You’ll be able to get a taste of life in Tasos with the following demo content –

First Playable Class – ‘Hero’

Play as an all-rounder class that’s equipped for almost any situation! Utilise a variety of weapons and items, as well as your ‘charge’ ability to succeed in your heroic deeds.

The full game will allow you to play as 8+ playable classes with special focuses such as the Witch, Thief, Knight, Mage and Pirate (plus their feathered friend!).

The First Dungeon

You’ll be able to explore the game’s first route and complete the first dungeon, including its mighty boss!

This may seem challenging at first, but do not fear for you are a Rogue Hero after all! You can use your hard earned loot to level up, buy better gear and come back even stronger.

If you manage to complete the dungeon you’ll be able to continue spending time upgrading some of your town and meeting some of the locals.

However, Demolia will be blocking off the vast majority of Tasos with their magical barrier spells, so the areas available to explore will be limited for the time being.


The demo allows you to play through in single player, or with up to four players locally!

Please note: The full game will be launching with online multiplayer, so whether near or far you’ll be able to put together a party of heroes to save Tasos!

Now heroes, the time has come for adventure!

You can support the game ahead of launch and keep up to speed with all things Rogue Heroes by giving it a Wishlist on Steam, thank you!

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