Hello Heroes!

Rogue Heroes has just dropped Patch 3 for all you lovely warriors!

This patch is comes with a range of new features and bug fixes across the board!

Thank you so much to everyone for your ongoing feedback, we really appreciate it and enjoy talking all things Rogue Heroes with you as we continue to build on the game alongside the community 🙂

Check out the full patch notes below…

New Features

  • Added favorites system with weapon wheel and the ability to use 1 through 8 on the keyboard to select tools.
  • Added Gather Red Mushrooms quest for players to gather red mushrooms throughout the swamp in exchange for a bottle.
  • Added Gather Ember Nuts quest for players to gather ember nuts near trees in the overgrowth in exchange for a bottle.
  • Added NPC Sanu in overworld K14 who gives players the Gather Ember Nuts quest
  • Added gameplay option for pickup flashes.
  • Added gameplay option for stat notifications.
  • Added gameplay option for autosaving.
  • Added functions to fallback to save backups when a corrupted save is detected.
  • Added alternate title music after completing the game on any profile.
  • Made various achievements unlock retroactively on loading a profile that should have them unlocked.
  • Made players invincible for a brief time when entering a new map section.
  • Added the ability to remove produce already placed for sale at the market.
  • Added additional Dungeon 1 maps (1x1ae, 1x2j, 2x1i, 2x1j, 2x2d)
  • Added additional Dungeon 3 maps (1x1ab, 1x1ac, 1x1ad, 1x2j, 2x1k)
  • Added additional Dungeon 2 maps (1x1ab, 1x1ac, 1x2k, 2x1k, 2x2d)
  • Added smaller burst for magic missile to non-mage classes.
  • Added ability to bind the side mouse buttons (Mouse 4 and Mouse 5).
  • Added ability to dash while aiming when playing as the Ranger.
  • Made players with an active Temporal Scope have temporal particles spawning around them so players are aware they are in that state.
  • Made pickups sink with effects when landing in lava.
  • Increased arrow firing rate, arrow projectile speed and damage for Ranger.
  • Made players not able to start map section transitions while a revive is active to fix reviving getting interrupted and failing.
  • Increased ramping of gem removal for very large gem counts so it doesn’t take as long.
  • Increased monster part drop rate of Face enemy from 25% to 100%.
  • Added more pitch variance to NPC voice sound effects.

House Editor

Added furniture rotation for the following objects:

  • Bookcase
  • Small Bookcase
  • Table
  • Swamp Table
  • Vertical Swamp Table
  • Bottle Shelf
  • Drafting Table
  • Work Bench
  • Trunk
  • Lemur Plushie
  • Croaker Doll
  • Medicine Cart

Made players no longer able to open the house editor during a map transition to prevent them from leaving while holding furniture.

Fixed the bounds for picking up a placed Dress Form in the player’s house.

Fixed removing carpets below other furniture unblocking their tile collision when it shouldn’t.

Progression/Quest Fixes

Made players receive the Reaper Thread if they have the quest/world event completed for the Mausoleum without holding the item or having the class unlocked.

Made players receive the Ice Boots when they don’t yet own them but are past the Rescue Hiker quest.

Map Fixes

  • Updated Dungeon 3 2x1k to fix collision issues.
  • Fixed arrow shooters spawning in invalid locations on layer 2 above layer 1 walls.
  • Fixed dormant chests that aren’t spawning due to player count being counted towards room completion checks.
  • Added Lava Shrine map name for banner when entering the shrines.
  • Added Seren Oasis and Zoeli Wastes map names for south west region.
  • Fixed fire statues not spawning causing Dungeon 3 1x1ad to not be complete-able.
  • Fixed sliding block puzzle rooms being marked as complete before entering.
  • Updated Dungeon 3 1x1o to fix players getting stuck on the stairs.
  • Updated Overworld S6 to fix entities clipping through trees.
  • Updated Dungeon 3 1x2e to fix players getting stuck between toggled obstacles.
  • Updated Cave D9 to fix an issue with damage from the spikes on floor layer 2.
  • Updated Overworld A14 to fix an area where the Croaker could push into a pocket of deep mud and end up softlocking via a bad map section transition.

NPC Bug Fixes

  • Fixed animation issues for Edmund when being rescued.
  • Fixed NPC dialog side effects running in error when a dialog is ended that doesn’t belong to an NPC.
  • Adjusted NPC dialog setup for Sanu, Yiro, and Evie so it sets up based on the local players data online so that players only see the ! over an NPC’s head when they have an important dialog related to a quest.
  • Updated dialog for Melissa so she no longer mentions pumping up your stamina.
  • Fixed Bridget appearing floating in air when a player builds the fifth building in the lot directly to the right of the Warp Statue.

Co-op Bug Fixes

Fixed various online co-op desync issues:

  • Fixed hammer peg desyncs by adding packets to handle hitting the pegs.
  • Fixed torch lighting desyncs by adding packets to handle torch lighting.
  • Fixed doors being set on fire when an enemy with the same index is lit on fire.
  • Made key doors open by host request so that two keys can’t be spent at the same time.
  • Fixed issues on Steam with excluded station ID causing problems with rerouting packets between clients in certain situations.

Fixed template weight not resetting correctly when playing online causing the same rooms to appear after a certain number of generations.

Fixed players not always seeing the potion break and gaining its side effects in online co-op.

Fixed fog overlays not drawing over the screen area when the camera is zoomed out.

Fixed players gaining the shortcut unlock state of ramps they haven’t yet opened from other players that have opened them in co-op.

Fixed other players online drawing under the dock stairs on some occasions

Fixed damage effects displaying multiple times when a non-local player takes damage online.

Made warp statues set their unlock state to the furthest back progress in the party to fix players gaining unearned progress in co-op.

Fixed bombs not causing enemy health bars or visual fx to appear when playing online co-op.

Fixed the shock overlay effect from zap jellies either not showing or always showing after the first time a player’s been zapped online.

Fixed softlock when a player disconnects in the Chip-In UI caused by players not being able to commit to leaving or finishing without that player.

Fixed players bounds being pushed downward when using the dock stairs causing them to start a map section transition in error in online co-op.

Made upgrading a node in an upgrade tree send a packet informing all other players to make the upgrade for that player to keep displayed upgrade values consistent in various areas of the UI.

Fixed players being set back to dead immediately after reviving when reviving in the lobby house.

Made players not have their stamina set to the transitioning player in multiplayer.

Fixed players spending more than one key in Croaker Caverns at doors causing them to not have enough keys to continue.

Fixed players ending up in an incorrect state (walking on water) by catching an object while in an incompatible state for catching.

Made the players currently equipped seed show correctly to other players online.

Made changes to a player’s inventory when using a shop send the changed inventory data to other players.

Fixed the arrow count not deducting when fired from a non-local client, an inventory update packet for the arrow count is now sent to all players on the bow being fired.

Fixed dropping an item from the inventory deducting the item from the wrong player due to changes made for the system where all players can use the subscreen at once.

Fixed watering can charges not updating for other players online when players fill their can at a well.

Fixed the watering can charges being deducted only from the host when watering farmland.

Fixed players being able to walk on water when another player triggers a map section transition just as they are about to drown.

Fixed the skull spawning with the wrong section and floor index when a map section transition is triggered just as a player dies online.

Made the Reaper’s charge data send to other clients in the regular player update packet so that the glow will display correctly when a critical attack is available.

Made whether a tool is a glass tool or normal show correctly in online multiplayer.

Fixed ghosts moving slowly due to some fields such as surface type and being on an ice slope not being reset to default on death.

UI Bug Fixes

Fixed current room not flashing in minimap when the players highlighted floor in the larger dungeon map wasn’t matching their current floor.

Made the correct button images draw for the input label for opening the status subscreen online.

Fixed a button drawing corrupted when a player views an interaction prompt over a well using a single joycon.

Fixed the cursor not being visible when players open the subscreens or the ‘save and quit’ dialog while the house editor is open.

Fixed an already open item chest having the interaction listed in the input panel when the object is no longer interactable.

Fixed the left click input icon not fading out like other inputs when the action is unavailable.

Fixed the cursor not being visible in the dungeon map screen.

Fixed a typo for the shovel description in Nik’s lab in English.

Fixed spelling inconsistencies for the Teraspis fish in English.

Fixed color selection being too sensitive and not wrapping correctly when creating or adjusting a save.

Fixed issues with some players not being able to navigate the expression wheel.

[Switch] Fixed some input types not being shown on the lobby house join screen when using multiple controller types.

[Switch] Made dungeon seed display on pause menu in a dungeon.

[Switch] Made the option to enter the pause menu from the subscreens show on all subscreens instead of just the Status/Equipment subscreen.

Fixed the Fire Turret not showing as the cause of death and instead appearing as an unrelated enemy.

Made choosing Abandon Run show as the cause of death in the game over screen.

Fixed Mouse UI selector for the seeds in the players inventory being one too high allowing players to select a null seed type.

Fixed final quest to delve into the endless dungeon having its marker in the village instead of at the endless dungeon.

Fixed some UI not showing the remapped inputs for Alt-Interact when that input action is assigned to a relevant input for the screen:

  • Place All option in the produce shop.
  • Selecting Choose Colors in single player save/load screen.
  • Selecting Choose Colors in lobby house class selection.

Enemy Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Spikulo entering the chase state when returning from being stunned while upside down.
  • Made Slither enemies generate hit particles that match their color if they are not the default green type.
  • Fixed the Zellenak shell disappearing briefly when being hit with the grappling hook.
  • Fixed the Thallasca enemy drawing corrupted when hit by the grappling hook.
  • Fixed enemies with very low health points not taking damage from the burning status effect.
  • Adjusted possible zombie spawn positions so that they don’t spawn into object collision in the cemetery.
  • Made the Skull Spear enemy able to be stunned by a boomerang hitting them in the back regardless of their state.
  • Made Gateway enemy spawning run through the host with a packet informing other clients. This will fix issues with some enemies persisting for only certain clients.
  • Made enemies handle collisions with the Necrosaur boss.
  • Fixed the Necrosaur’s heart being exposed in some cases on starting the fight again due to animation data not resetting correctly.
  • Fixed players taking collision damage from a dead Rhizomorph boss.
  • Fixed the Mimic enemy not sending a wake-up packet by the host when woken from a bomb.
  • Fixed the Skulleton spawning in the Mausoleum being handled by two systems causing issues (duplication, glitched health bar) in some cases.

Farm Changes

Made highlighting an untilled area of a farm plot show red indicating a seed cannot be placed there yet.

Made attempting to plant an apple tree show a 3×3 grid with green/red based on whether the area is clear.

Added text for apple planting restrictions to purchasing the seed at the general store.

General Bug Fixes

[PC] Fixed crash on launching the game when a corrupted save is attempting to be loaded.

  • Fixed a crash when triggering a save after receiving the Reaper thread caused by the item count totals attempting to update in the save data when that data does not exist.
  • Fixed bottle contents not loading correctly from the save file due to an indexing mismatch between bottle source and bottle contents.
  • Fixed being able to highlight the Bomber class in the lobby house when the Bomber DLC is not owned
  • Fixed incorrect sign directions text for Overworld F9 sign.
  • Fixed music on Switch restarting when a player moves to another map with the same music assigned.
  • Fixed a crash when letting the death or victory screen run for over 20 minutes on Switch due to memory leak.
  • Fixed players getting pushed out of bounds when using the Croaker and dashing in some areas.
  • Fixed players being able to use class abilities while froze.
  • Fixed players clipping through the Spiked Wall object allowing them to get out of bounds.
  • Fixed being able to destroy the gloopy puddles with the shield.
  • Added a popup for receiving the sword beam upgrade after defeating the final boss.
  • Fixed burning persisting for too long when the player lights an object on fire with lamp upgrades.
  • Fixed crash when a skull is attempting to spawn in a map section that is now out of scope.
  • Fixed the skull being assigned the wrong map section and floor index when a skull is still in the air while a transition is triggered.
  • Made drowning in the mud or water spawn the players skull at their last safe position instead of in the deep mud.
  • Made squirrels splash into the water in the rare case they end up on the water surface.
  • Fixed the Croaker attack collision checks not running in some states where they should causing enemies to not be damaged when dashing through them.
  • Fixed players throwing objects when they weren’t holding any when dying.
  • Fixed the sword hit clash effects of green/purple blockers not changing based on whether they are up or down.
  • Fixed dungeon 4 not being marked as enter-able when players beat the dungeon again after already completing it once before reloading the map.
  • Fixed ambient audio loops not setting up for the time of day when using the time rune.
  • Fixed the death count for the stats book being incremented more than once on dying.
  • Fixed the video settings not saving immediately on being confirmed by the player.
  • Made the Croaker sink into the mud when a player dies while riding one.
  • Fixed the watering can overlay showing when it shouldn’t and with corrupted visuals when pushing against a wall.
  • Fixed the Knight ability causing splash effects in areas where it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed players receiving a filled bottle when making a save in a previously used slot then collecting a bottle without relaunching.
  • Fixed the bomb bouncing along the ground with odd visual issues when kicked after being picked up and placed down.
  • Fixed players being stuck in the water when using a dock while holding up the shield.
  • [Switch] Fixed the game crashing when attempting to create a 12th save.
  • Fixed using weapon and expression wheels in some states with forced movement causing players to get stuck or on end up on the wrong layer.
  • Made players not able to be stuck in a web in jumping states to prevent them ending up on the wrong layer.
  • Made players throw any held object on dying.
  • Fixed the emblem not spinning in the slotting sequence when a player defeats two dungeons for the first time without restarting the game.
  • Fixed players being able to dig holes by shoveling over the edge of a bridge.
  • Fixed players in a floating state such as using the Witch broom ability being affected by conveyor belts.
  • Fixed players getting softlocked on completing the fishing rod crafting cutscene.
  • Fixed being able to skip over the goddess endgame dialog trigger using the Knight or Bomber ability.
  • Fixed Spike balls being pushed by a pot moving in the wind causing collision and sound flooding. These pots will now break on hitting the spike.
  • Fixed Lava Flow objects not having dynamic height based on map data causing them to stop in mid-air in some areas of Dungeon 3.
  • Fixed the grappling hook immediately colliding when right up against terrain it should be able to pass through.
  • Fixed pots that are picked up, placed, and destroyed on the ground not dropping pickups.
  • Fixed the footsteps of a player drawing as squares when stepping on DeepMudEdge tiles.
  • Fixed issues with time played statistic due to a missing call to initialize it locally on creating a new save.
  • Fixed having the stairs state cancel when a dialog is ended while they’re traversing them.
  • Fixed using the grappling hook and being pulled in while a player starts a dialog causing the grapple to resolve incorrectly, grappling updates will now halt along with the movement when a dialog is open.
  • Fixed starting a dialog while a player is jumping causing the jump to resolve incorrectly, all jumping logic will now halt along with the movement when a dialog is open.
  • Fixed the broken temporal stairs in the endless dungeon appearing blank when the temporal scope is used.
  • Fixed players getting credit for the Terakar Keep token too early in the sequence causing players to have the token without having technically completed the dungeon as far as quest state and equipment ownership.
  • Fixed wand auto aim issue on bosses, previously wand projectiles would occasionally fire in a random direction in a boss room.
  • Fixed the Croaker spawning too far into a wall in some areas causing the player to push out of bounds.
  • Fixed particles from the Hammer with the Evil skin equipped charging and healing the Reaper.

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