It’s almost time to thwack monsters with office junk and dive into the dungeons of failed tech startups! Going Under is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 24th 2020!

Check out the new release date trailer!

Going Under is a roguelite dungeon crawler where you, an unpaid intern, are tasked with exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. Plus, take a hip slide into your dungeon run!

Wield office junk to slay the monsters spawned from damned workplaces. Smash a goblin over the head with a pot of coffee or even run over a skeleton motivational speaker. Your weapons break and combat is constantly changing!

Throughout your run, you’ll also learn skills that change the way you play! Harness powerful effects that can light a whole room on fire, flash enemies by taking a picture, or just make your arms really buff or something. 

Take missions from colleagues in the hub area and climb the corporate ranks… well as much as an unpaid intern can.

Will you complete your internship alive? What will you learn about the startup that hired you, and their mysterious parent company? Can you save yourself from going under… for good?

Going Under releases on all platforms September 24th 2020! Keep your chin up, interns! 

Gain ‘valuable work experience’ by playing the Steam demo and wishlist the game while you’re at it!

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