Today we’re very excited to reveal a third playable character for RAGING JUSTICE; Ashley King! A street-smart kid used to fending for themself, Ashley’s guaranteed to deliver a backpack full of whoop-ass should you decide to serve some justice with their help!

NAME: Ashley King
HEIGHT: 5’5”
AGE: 15
INFO: Ash’s inner-city upbringing was blighted by the fear of gang violence. Fast and lethal, Ash learned to fight on the streets, using movies as inspiration for an arsenal of lethal moves including a signature Crane Kick finisher.

Check out the brand new trailer above to see some of their kick-ass moves in action, and let us know what you think. Also, with three characters now available, which one are you picking first?

More than just revealing the third playable character, we’re happy to confirm that RAGING JUSTICE will be coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 8th 2018!

Will you be serving some raging justice on day one? Be sure to follow and Wishlist the game on Steam to ensure you don’t miss a beat, and that you’re ready to take to the streets in just over a month. If you’d like additional glimpses into the game alongside some inspirational Quotes of Rage between now and launch, be sure to follow RAGING JUSTICE on Twitter or Facebook, and consider joining the conversation over on the Steam community hub, or on our Discord server.

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