Have you explored the beautiful, mysterious and dangerous PLANET ALPHA yet?

PLANET ALPHA is our newly released, side-scrolling platform adventure game. You find yourself waking up on a strange alien world. Injured and alone you must use your unique gift, the ability to manipulate the time of day, to survive. 

The reception to PLANET ALPHA from both our players and critics has been great and we’re excited to share our new accolades trailer with you:

‘A beautiful experience’ – IGN
‘PLANET ALPHA will most certainly stick with you’ – Gamespot
9/10 – ‘It’s a real charmer’ – PlayStation LifeStyle

Key features of PLANET ALPHA

  • Power over night and day – As you progress you’ll discover a unique gift, you can manipulate the time of day and use it to your advantage.
  • Immersive, visually stunning world.
  • Cerebral puzzle platforming.
  • Environmental storytelling.
  • Award winning design.

PLANET ALPHA is available now on SteamXbox OnePlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

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