Watch live competitive co-operative cooking with the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! All You Can Eat Showdown!

Teams of 4 content creators will be competing in a high score challenge for charity.

The competition will be divided into 6 “Heats”. At the start of each Heat, 3 kitchens will be unveiled, and then teams will have 30 minutes to try for the highest possible scores for those 3 kitchens. They may attempt each kitchen an unlimited amount of times and may free restart, as long as all runs are started within the 30 minute window. At the conclusion of each Heat, teams will win prizing based on their aggregate score for that Heat. At the conclusion of the final Heat, the team with the overall highest cumulative score will win a bonus prize.

There’s a total prize pool of $50,000 available and team captains will each select a charity to represent going into the event. All prize money will go to the teams’ charities. More info here.

Twitch Rivals Overcooked! All You Can Eat Showdown starts at 1PM PDT / 9PM BST on April 9th.

Tune in here!

Want to get some exclusive chefs for Overcooked! All You Can Eat on Steam? Tune in to any of the Twitch Rivals participants’ streams during the event to get access to special Twitch Drops.

Here’s how to get your chef skins through Twitch Drops…

  • After tuning into the stream, you will get a notification in chat.
  • When prompted in the chat you will need to connect/link to the event.
  • You will see a timer/percentage of how far through a claim you are.
  • Once this is completed you can click ‘Claim’.
  • The next drop timer will not start until the previous drop has been claimed.

Chefs will be available to download/install after the event. Follow us on Twitter, or keep an eye on the Overcooked AYCE Steam news section for announcements!

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