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We’re thrilled to announce Deadly Docks our new map is coming to Worms Rumble next Thursday, December 17th on PlayStation 4, 5 and PC! Also that The Lab opens at 3PM GMT today with the first gameplay experiment, ‘Pistols at Dawn, where you can earn an exclusive gold skin for the event, but hurry, it closes in 24 hours!

Watch the new trailer set sail now:

Deadly Docks

We’re shipping the new map, Deadly Docks next Thursday! Did anyone here guess this was the map from our teasers earlier in the week? Let us know in the comments below!

We invite you to engage in total seaside warfare in this new map! As a working dock it’s a busy place with moving platforms and even a ship that can cast-off during the match… bon voyage!

Are you a captain or a shark?

Take a bite out of these new purchasable premium outfits with a choice between a shark or captain outfit, both have 3 color variants included! Let us know which side you’ll take!



Festive Skins!

Are those bells we here? Or is it just festive cheer?

We have a whole bunch of free festive skins to get your hands on for the holidays. Pull Santa’s sleigh and put on one of the 3 variants of the Reindeer outfit!

Get your elf on the shelf with either a green or red outfit.

Plus open up a set of hats and a whole bunch of festive gun skins!

Incoming snowball!


More customisations?

Also available to purchase will be the Armageddon weapon skin pack – feel some nostalgia from one of the favorite Worms titles.

Plus, purchase the emote pack and even teabag your enemies, of course we mean dipping a teabag into a mighty fine brew, get your mind out of the gutter!

The Pistols At Dawn Event is Live 3PM GMT!


Get yourself that Midas touch feeling with the full body gold Worm experience. Nothing says bling-bling than covering yourself [strike]head to toe[/strike] head to tail like lots of rare metal! This is an exclusive skin only available by playing in this event! You have 48 hours!

For now it’s time to rumble!

Play the new Lab mode on:


PS4 +PS5

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