Hello, everyone! 👋

We are happy to share news of a new patch, now available on Steam!

This update should cover some of your biggest concerns; most notably addressing your reservations pertaining to the movements of characters when grouped together.

We are actively listening to you all, and we have made some improvements which we hope you like!

Important Changes 💙

  • Adara will now perform a double jump when mimicking movement.
  • All characters will match their jumping height and speed on mimic.
  • Quest-Related Items will now go into separate inventory slots.
  • Removed the input delay for characters while mimicking movement.
  • Removed the cost when using the fast travel system.

We’ve improved mimic and group character movement!

Quest-Related Items will now go into separate inventory slots, fantastic!

Fixes 🧰

  • Fixed rotating levers not working with the maximum Dead Zone value in the settings.
  • Fixed crystals on the Altars behaving inconsistently.
  • Slightly balanced the difficulty of the boss encounter at the Vigga Marshes.
  • Fixed some controllers not being detected or losing focus during gameplay.
  • Fixed some doors not highlighting properly at the Vigga Marshes.
  • Fixed an edge case where some players were unable to complete the Aldalar Tomb.
  • Fixed not being able to go past the intro cinematic when the video fails to play.
  • The Post-Credit cinematic will now always play at the end of the game.

This patch will be first released on PC – and we are actively working for it to reach all consoles as soon as possible!

We are very thankful for the feedback we have received from the community, as this makes Greak better and improves us as developers!

We hope you have enjoyed your adventure through Azur so far! In the meantime, the team will stay busy preparing some new additional content for the game. Stay tuned! : )

The Navegante Team

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