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The run’n’gun roguelike Neon Abyss has just received a patch with some important fixes and top community requests to the Xbox One and PC Game Pass versions. A large portion of this update has already rolled out to Steam, GOG and Epic versions which you can find out more about here.
Patches with platform specific fixes will also come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions which we are currently working to get out as fast as we can!

Changes on Xbox One and PC Game Pass:

  • Black screen after teleporting bug fix.
  • No item in item room fix.
  • Removed Vibrant Ball, Peter and Jack. (As we rework the pet system & pets)
  • Cursor not confined to fullscreen fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • French keyboard compatibility added. (PC Game Pass)
  • Fix for credits not scrolling.
  • Saya animation bug fix.
  • Windows 10 XB1 controller fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • Windows 10 minimising fix. (PC Game Pass)
  • Fix for game being rate limited.
  • Credits updated.

The Steam Experimental Branch – try some of our upcoming changes early!

Whilst our focus on testing is on the console fixes right now, we have also implemented some of the most requested changes by you the community. This comes as an experimental branch on Steam where you can try new changes early and give us feedback.

Some of the changes include: a trail room where you can play with items you’ve already found and ban up to 5 items/pets/weapons from appearing, teleportation warning markers before enemies spawn or teleport to you, new items, saving mid run and much more! Find out how to try them here.

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