Greetings, fellow humans!

The aliens have held our world long enough, and it’s now almost time to take it back. Our teleporters are ready to bring you to the heart of the alien occupation on July 17th, so you can start liberating fellow humans while blowing up those pesky invaders!

We’ve prepared a vehicle instruction video (below) to help you on your way, so you know exactly how you can utilise your vast array of available vehicles in the best way possible. Ultimately, exactly how you go about finishing your mission – which involves exploring islands, saving humans, collecting crystals, driving and flying various vehicles, and blowing things up – is up to you!

Remember that you can bring along a friend if you don’t want to face the alien threat by yourself, and every island has been remixed to offer a different experience whether you play it alone, or in local co-op.

Mugsters will be available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 17th 2018, and to celebrate our release date announcement, we’ll be livestreaming a couple of co-op levels on Friday. We’ll be sharing more details about the livestream across our social channels later in the week.

Be sure to join the conversation either over on the Community Hub, on Facebook or Twitter, or on the Team17 Discord server. We can’t wait to see the shenanigans you get up to in Mugsters!

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