Equip those sunglasses 😎

The new Moving Out DLC, Movers in Paradise, is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC!

Movers in Paradise includes:

📖 14 new story levels 

🕺 4 new movers 

🕹️ 10 new arcade levels 

But that’s not all… It’s time to move in!

The FREE ‘Moving In’ update is out now on all platforms – and it’s a big one!

📦 Moving In mode for 12 levels 

🛠️ A new assist mode option

💃🕺 Two new dances 

👕 New t-shirt customisation options 

Get all of this and more in a nice neat Steam bundle and save 10%!

The Deluxe Edition includes:

– Moving Out

– Employees of the Month Pack 

– Movers in Paradise DLC

– Moving Out Original Soundtrack

Moving Out is out now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & Xbox

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