Today we are here to announce that the 1.3 patch is coming imminently to resolve some pesky issues that have been found and raised by the community since launch (A big thank you to everyone who has helped report and log the issues they have found).

As part of the 1.3 update, we should see improvements across the board of the game when playing online and locally, however part of this will require that you will have to recreate your “Team17 Account” within Moving Out 2.

This is simple to do by following the simple prompts when you start the game after the update. A side effect of this however is that you will unfortunately lose any friends that you have made up to now on the old profile, so you will have to reconnect with the people you play with once again. While this isn’t ideal, we can expect it to be beneficial in the long run for your enjoyment of the game running on the new 1.3 update with all the fixes it brings.

We also recommend that you make a note of the players you have already on your Team17 Friends list so you know who to re-add once the update launches and they also recreate their new accounts.

If you are looking for a place to find new people to play with, we recommend you join the Moving Out 2 Discord server, where we have a Looking For Game channel which you can use to find fellow F.A.R.T’s to play with!

We’ll have more information and patch notes when v1.3 is ready to launch, so make sure you check back here when the game updates to see the full change list.

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