Book in your copy of Moving Out 2 ahead of our August 15th launch date!

You’ve seen that we’ve scheduled our moving date and you’ve chosen your favourite F.A.R.T, so probably think you are now all set to Move Out now? WRONG! We’ve one last thing for your checklist…


Moving Out 2 is now available to Pre-Order on Steam, Xbox One, Series X|S and Nintendo Switch so you can finally get ready for our August 15th launch date! We’ve different options available for pre-order available so you can get the right version for you!

Here we are going to unpack what comes in each version available to pre-order

Standard edition

Moving Out 2 base game.

Moving Out 1+2 bundle

The ultimate Moving Out experience – a copy of both Moving Out 1 & 2 base games in one neat bundle!

Digital Deluxe Edition (PC Exclusive)

There’s no better way to move than with the Digital Deluxe Edition of Moving Out 2.

  • Moving Out 2 base game
  • The Art & Design of Moving Out 2: A 250+ page digital art book
  • Jumbo Super Silly Activity Book: A digital kids activity book
  • Behind the Scenes Commentary: Over 4 hrs of behind-the-scenes commentary on the making of Moving Out 2 from SMG, Brad Gentle the composer and Sub Zero the sound design team
  • 3D Printable Models: Print your own movers
  • Soundtrack: 24 Original Tracks composed for the game
F.A.R.Tastic Four DLC Pre-order Bonus

Every pre-order of either the Standard or Digital Deluxe versions of the game comes with The F.A.R.Tastic Four Pack, a pack of 4 additional movers for Moving Out 2 absolutely free as a little thank you for your eagerness to move out!

Unpack our Pre Order Trailer now!

Once pre-ordered, you’ll be ready to move into Packmore and its surrounding dimensions ready for launch day! 📦

In other Moving Out 2 related news – we have also just launched the Moving Out 2 Training Day Demo on Nintendo Switch due to popular demand! Get it installed, showcase your F.A.R.T skills and help Smooth Moves do what they do best!

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