Greetings F.A.R.T’s! We’ve just released the 1.3 patch for Moving Out 2!

Thank you all for your feedback and bug reporting so far. Thanks to your help, we’ve managed to get this update out to you now with the following fixes and improvements! Unpack the full list below 📦

  • Improved Online performance
  • Fixed the “Don’t get off the train” bonus objective
  • Fixed an issue where items would jitter and clip through walls in “Sushi Gardens”
  • Fixed an issue in “Recall Road” where the battery can clip behind a wall
  • Fixed multiple connection issues when controllers are disconnected at certain times
  • Fixed issues with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles not appearing in certain areas
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the Team17 overlay to crash or not respond when the player has a high number of friends on their system
  • Fixed a crash when returning to the menu after failing a level
  • Fixed an issue where suspending your user would cause a crash when online
  • Fixed an issue where the “Don’t use the sliding door” objective would unlock without actually completing the objective
  • Fixed an issue where certain arcade levels wouldn’t show as unlocked until the game was restarted
  • Fixed an issue where crystals on “Train to Train Drive” could get stuck
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding key rebindings
  • Fixed an issue on “Scorching Scurry” where items could launch into the air and become stuck
  • Fixed an issue where certain achievements didn’t unlock when expected
  • Fixed an issue where music wouldn’t play in all areas as expected
  • Fixed an issue with the pistons in “Battery Leap Frog” when playing in reduced difficult mode

Thank you once again for all your help reporting these issues and we hope you have a Smooth time helping the residents of Packmore and beyond in the 1.3 version. If you find any more issues, please raise them in the support section of the Discord server or on the Report a Problem section on the Steam Forums.

We want to hear from you!
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