We’re thrilled to announce the latest update and long requested feature for Monster Sactuary – PvP is now live! Climb the leader boards with in-game duels. It’s time to show your Monster Keeping skills to the world!

Watch the new PvP trailer now:

We are super excited for people to try out the new Online Player vs. Player mode. To be able to access PVP, you will need to reach the “Keeper Lancer” rank in the game. Access the online arena by talking to the keeper in the top right room of the Monster Sanctuary.

Each player uses their full team of six Monsters for a duel. To claim victory you need to incapacitate your opponents entire bench of Monsters. There’s now also the ability to switch your active Monsters during a battle, as well as the ability to forfeit a duel if you know things are over!

For balance we’d love to hear your feedback! We have made a large amount of changes this update to make PvP balanced through our closed beta testing. However, there might still be some Monsters or some skills that are overpowered or underpowered. Let us know what you all think!

The Manticorb.

We have also added the Manticorb, a monster proudly designed by the community through our backer Monster design competition.This monster wields a whole host of magics to overcome its foes and it can light up dark areas with its glowing eye. If you want to catch it yourself it is located near the Monster Sanctuary.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, happy festivities and we look forward to bringing you the next Monster Sanctuary update which will include a new area like Horizon Beach in the New Year!

Want to see more? Head over to the Steam store page today and battle your way to the top in the PvP mode yourself!

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