Monster Keepers!

Another new Monster Sanctuary update has arrived – Mystical Workshop, which includes a new area unlike any other in the game, as well as several new features!

New area unlocked: Mystical Workshop

Enter the Mystical Workshop, the place in the Sanctuary where all the mechanical Monsters roam around! This area is another late-game area, designed to be around the same difficulty level as the Underworld.

The new area features:
A new story arc, uncovering the secret of the infamous leader of the Alchemists, Marduk. This story arc can be started at any point in the game, provided you are able to enter the Workshop. Entering the Workshop requires any Monster with the “Improved Flight” ability.

  • Six new Monsters to collect, most of which are new Construct-type Monsters. They’re great to build around with each other, but also fit into any other Monster teams that utilise Charge stacks, Shield generation or Debuffs!
  • A vast array of new equipment to discover – this update adds more equipment to the game than any other update so far! Many of the items are also a great fit for Charge or Debuff-based Monsters.

There’s also tons more included this updated, ranging from new merchants and equipment, to an updated infinity arena!

For a full breakdown on the Mystical Workshop Update, head over to the steam news post:

View the full trailer:

Want to see more? Head over to theĀ Steam store page today and explore Mystical Workshop!

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