We’re thrilled to announce the latest FREE content update for Monster Sanctuary is now live! Monster Sanctuary is a monster collector meets platformer that’ll have you, a Keeper, setting out from the Keeper Stronghold on bold adventures!

In the Magma Chamber Update all of these await you:

  • A whole new area with a story quest
  • Never seen before fiery monsters and even evolutions
  • Monster Types and passive abilities
  • Increased level cap
  • A goblin merchant with shift and switch stones
  • New PVP season, ratings & rewards

…and more!

Watch the new scorching hot trailer now:

We hope everyone’s ready to get toasty as you’ll all be exploring the new Magma Chamber area full of lava pitfalls and new monsters!


The first ranked season is now coming to a close and a new PVP season will start with a fresh leader board. Don’t fret if you made it to the top last season as the season 1 leader board will stay in the game to show your prowess! Also find new brackets to climb starting at bronze plus new rewards!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the Molten Chamber and we look forward to bringing you the next Monster Sanctuary update soon!

Want to explore it yourself? Head over to the Steam store page today and heat up your games library!

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