Monster Keepers and Monster Keepers of the future, the big day is here! Monster Sanctuary has officially launched and is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One (Gamepass), and PlayStation 4!

As the latest heir in a long line of Monster Keepers, players must explore and traverse a rich variety of environments and stop the growing and mysterious threat to the harmonious peace between monsters and humanity itself. Featuring deep and strategic gameplay including 3 vs 3 turn-based combat, players can battle wild monsters, NPC keepers, and even online opponents in PvP battles, using a variety of elemental attacks and tactics to succeed. Monster Sanctuary also launches onto Xbox Game Pass today, enabling subscribers on PC and Xbox One to get free access to the RPG for no added cost. Moreover, the 10% discount for Nintendo Switch and Xbox is also available to PlayStation 4 players with PS Plus!

During its time in Steam Early Access, moi rai games and Team17 have introduced several updates that expand the engaging world available to players, so that Monster Sanctuary launches with over 100 monsters (including 16 community designed creatures) to discover and tame across 13 areas. New areas, such as The Magma Chamber and Underworld, are just some of the mysterious environments added over the past year, and even include content created by the community.

Today’s launch introduces further content for players to experience as they embark on their epic Monster Sanctuary adventure, including the Abandoned Tower, and an additional (secret) area. 14 new monsters also join the roster, alongside optional endgame Champions; Ultimate abilities for monsters above level 40; unique equipment; and further balancing changes. One of the new monsters is the Changeling, a versatile monster with the ability to copy moves from allies and enemies alike.

Here’s everything you need to know about Monster Sanctuary’s additional launch content:

Abandoned Tower

Nobody in centuries has set foot in this derelict tower. It houses the most dangerous Monsters of the Sanctuary. There are four new Monsters to collect, many of which Occult-type and capable of dishing out deadly attacks. You will also meet again some of the Champion Monsters that you’ve fought in the past.
This is also where the story of Monster Sanctuary comes to its conclusion. Don’t worry – you can still continue your save file after finishing the main story. You’ll only be able to enter the Abandoned Tower after finishing every other area’s story arc (except for the new secret area).

New Secret Area

There’s another new area that was added to the Monster Sanctuary in this update! We don’t want to give too much away at this point, since it’s a super-secret optional area – meaning you can complete the game without setting foot here (unlike every other area in the game). It does contain four new Monsters, however, which can’t be found anywhere else.
We’ll only give you this hint: go to the bottom left room in the Magma Chamber, which is very close to the entrance to the Stronghold Dungeon.

Post-Game Content

We made sure to have some decent post-game content ready for you as well! This is what awaits you after finishing the story of the game:
The quest to become the Keeper Master: To get the highest rank in the order of Monster Keepers, you will have to find and defeat every single Champion Monster in the game! Some of them are only available after finishing the story. After the end credits, there will be a new topic in the Talk-menu to guide you.
There are five optional late-game Champion Monsters to fight, some of which can already be encountered before finishing the main story. They are hidden throughout the Monster Sanctuary. They are designed to be much more challenging than other Champion Monsters in the game, always being at the maximum level of 40 and using three actions in a turn instead of two.
Once you are Keeper Master, you gain access to Eternity’s End: a very special area at the top of the tower in Keepers’ Stronghold. A set of four challenging fights await you here, each one giving you a unique reward!

New Rooms to explore

With the last batch of Monsters, a couple of new exploration abilities were also added to the game. So we added new rooms and treasures throughout the game that can only be discovered with these late-game exploration abilities! Some can also be discovered with abilities that you can gain in the Underworld and the Mystical Workshop.

Patch Notes

  • Infinity Arena monsters start to appear shifted (one from level 70+ on, two from level 130+ on, all three from level 160+ on)
  • Infinity Arena monsters start to use Ultimates from level 100+ on Infinity Arena monsters are less resistant to poison on lower level now, but become more resistant to it as well as burn and congeal with higher levels
  • Revived monsters in Infinity Arena now regain the current infinity stack count
  • Enemies Health now scale less in Infinity Arena past level 40 (level 200 enemies have about half the Max Health now)
  • Potion heal values increased, but they are no longer affected by heal specific passives like ‘Heal Mastery’ or ‘Combo Healing’
  • Imitate/Counterfeit now displays what the last action a monster used when selecting the target
  • Heal/Shield/damage numbers on monsters no longer overlap when triggered at the same time
  • During the monster target selection, if the mouse overlaps two monsters, it now selects the one nearer to the mouse position

Balancing Changes

  • Rocky got ‘Primal Rage’ instead of ‘Variety’ now, a ‘Defense Plus’ and ‘Health Plus’ node instead of ‘Magic Plus’ and ‘Mana Plus’. Also it got ‘Weaken’ now
  • Magmapillar got ‘Burn Down’ now
  • Yowie got ‘Fatal Upkeep’ now
  • Catzerker’s ‘Full Offense’ got replaced with ‘Heroic Party’
  • Tengu got ‘Buff Catalyst’ now
  • Grummy has a new skill ‘Age of Purification’
  • Frosty got ‘Ice Shield’ now
  • Minitaur’s ‘Health Focus’ got replaced with ‘Crit Damage Focus’
  • Manticorb got ‘Mana Buffer’, ‘Exploit Party’ and two instances of ‘Copy Shield’, lost ‘Mana Shielding’ and ‘Mana Upkeep’. Also it got +1 base Magic and its light shift got +1 base Health
  • Crackle Knight got ‘Shocking Slash’ instead of ‘Thunder Strike’ now
  • Beetloid got ‘Critical Sorcery’ now
  • Nightwing got now an additional instance of ‘Bleed’ instead of one ‘Critical Damage Plus’ nodes
  • Magmamoth got ‘Death Blow’ now
  • Druid Oak has ‘Multi Weakness’, ‘Demotivate’ and ‘Warlock Healing’ now
  • Goblin Hood’s ‘Sub Zero’ got replaced with ‘Multi Chill’ – also it got ‘Multi Burn’ as well.
  • Goblin Brute has an additional instance of ‘Combo Shielding’ and ‘Protected Offense’ now
  • Goblin King both shifts got +1 base attack and +1 base magic
  • Ice Blob’s ‘Shield’ got replaced with ‘Restoring Shield’ and ‘Ice Shield’
  • Crystal Snail got ‘Tackle’ again instead of ‘Beating’
  • Caraglow’s dark shift got +1 base attack, +1 base defense and +1 base mana.
  • Megataur has ‘Shield Crush’, ‘Mana Bolster’ and ‘Critical Sorcery’ now (instead of ‘Crit Chance Plus’, ‘Improved Mana Regeneration’ and ‘Mana Plus’)
  • Blade Widow’s Base defense of both shifts got increased by 1
  • Kame ‘Neutral Affinity’ got replaced by ‘Attack Mastery’
  • Ninki Nanka has ‘Fiery Shots’ instead of ‘Fireball’ now
  • Vasuki got ‘Death Blow’ now
  • Tanuki has ‘Might’ and ‘Power’ buff skills now, bust has one less ‘Magic Plus’ node. Dark Shift has +1 base attack and base magic.
  • Wild Tanukis drop 10 times the gold of normal monsters now
  • Ucan has ‘Protected Offense’ now
  • Brawlish got another instance of ‘First Impact’ and both shifts got +1 base attack
  • Nautilid has ‘Trickster Buffing’ and ‘Age of Purification’ now
  • Kongamato has a new skill ‘Prehistoric Screech’
  • Elderjel’s ‘Bleed’ got replaced with ‘Blood Magic’, ‘Crit Chance Plus’ with ‘Critical Defense’, ‘Critical Exploit’ with ‘Mana Buffer’ and ‘Ignite’ with ‘Fireball’. Also it got ‘Bolster’ now
  • Salahammer’s dark shift got +1 base Attack and Magic
  • Mimic’s dark shift got -1 base mana and light shift +1 base health
  • Ornithopter’s ‘Buffing Restore’ got replaced with ‘Crit Chance Plus’
  • Stolby has the ‘Occult’ monster type now
  • Argiope got Multi-Channel, got ‘Warlock Healing’ instead of ‘Toxin’ and ‘Extra Channel’ instead of ‘Emergency Channel’
  • Moccus got ‘Curse of Weakness’ now
  • Megarock got ‘Primal Rage’ instead of ‘Variety’ now
  • Skorch got ‘Critical Buffs’ now
  • Troll has ‘Death Blow’ now
  • Brutus explore ability is ‘Summon Big Rock’ now
  • ‘Sheltered Nature’ shield value increased to 25% (from 20%)
  • ‘Nature’s wrath’ damage value increased to 15% (from 13%)
  • ‘Aquatic Predator’ critical damage value increased to 15% (from 10%)
  • ‘Insect Charge’ charge stacks count increased to 8 (from 6) and the skill got transferred to Glowfly. Blade Widow has ‘Charged Start’ instead now
  • ‘Charged Start’ charge stacks count increased to 7 (from 6)
  • ‘Magic Barrier’ shield value increased to 150% (from 100%)
  • ‘Rampage’ crit chance value increased to 10% (from 7%)
  • ‘Potion Mastery’ value increased to 25% (from 20%)
  • ‘Aerial Maneuvers’ dodge chance increased to 8% (from 6%)
  • ‘Carapace’ shield/healing value increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • ‘Fish Scales’ chance value increased to 35% (from 30%)
  • ‘Acid Spit’ now also lets Reptile monster stack Poison and Burn an additional time.
  • ‘Broken Immunity’ chance increased to 25% (from 20%)
  • ‘Corrosion’ value increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • ‘Demotivate’ value increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • ‘Disoriented’ value increased to 7.5% (from 5%)
  • ‘Sensitivity’ value increased to 10% (from 7.5%)
  • ‘Sub Zero’ value increased to 10% (from 7.5%)
  • ‘Fatal Upkeep’ damage increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • ‘Severe Upkeep’ trigger chance increased to 50% (from 40%)
  • ‘Flash Freeze’ damage increased to 100% (from 75%)
  • ‘Exploit’ now also shields the monster by 5% of its Max Health when exploiting an enemy’s weakness
  • ‘Exploit Party’ now has a 100% chance to apply a buff and shields the monster by 3% of that monster’s Max Health when exploiting an enemy’s weakness
  • ‘Brawler’ now also shields the monster by 50% of that monsters Attack value when exploiting an enemy’s weakness
  • ‘Sorcerer’ now also shields the monster by 50% of that monsters Magic value when exploiting an enemy’s weakness
  • ‘Buffing Restore’ debuff remove chance reverted back to 50% (form 75%)
    ‘Ring Focus’ value increased to 80% (from 75%)
  • Purify now removes 4 negative stacks from a single target and 2 for AoE healing (instead of 3/1)
  • Deep Wounds value reduced to 40% (from 50%)
  • ‘Sticky Impact’ now has a 15% chance to apply ‘Tether’ on every hit
  • ‘Mana Donor’ mana value increased to 25% (from 20%)
  • ‘Auto Restore’ now removes two debuffs instead of one
  • All mana cost effects are multiplicative with each other now
  • Shock damage is now allways of element Wind, damage increased to 50% (from 40%)
  • Blind miss Chance reduced to 40% (from 50%)
  • Poison, Burn and Congeal damage increased in keeper battles by ~20%
  • Shield Burst shield consume amount is now capped at 50%
  • ‘Shield’ Equipment renamed to ‘Large Shield’ and Defense values increased slightly
  • Mass Antidote’ item now removes 2 debuffs (instead of 1)
  • Shield tier 5 now triggers 3 shields on all allies (shield amount is still similar as before)
  • Higher tiers of ‘Sticky Web’ and ‘Sticky Threads’ apply more ‘Tether’ stacks now
  • ‘Long Slash’ level 3 and damage increased slightly
  • ‘Shred’ level 2 + 3 have slightly increased critical damage now
  • Damage of Soul Beam/Charge Beam/Heat Shimmer/Snow Veil got increased slightly

That just about covers everything! We hope you have a fantastic time exploring the depths of what Monster Sanctuary has to offer! Stay tuned for more updates, the show goes on!


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