Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce that the second content update ‘Horizon Beach’ has just made a big splash in Monster Sanctuary – the monster collecting game meets metroidvania.

Don your sun glasses and swimming costume as it’s time to soak up rays on the sandy shores of this update! It’s now live to play on Steam.

The full update includes:

  • A whole new area to explore
  • A new place to store your Monsters
  • 8 New Monsters including a new mount
  • New story Arc
  • New Keeper Duel
    …And more!


Explore Horizon Beach, an area featuring sandy shores, large underwater mazes and steep cliffs! A treasure hunt style quest will keep you occupied and take you to every corner of this new zone!

Find, collect and hatch 8 new Monsters including a new mount – the Dodo. There is also a Champion battle against an ageless guardian of the deep, make sure you are prepared before facing them!


The Monster Farm is the new place to store and show-off your Monster collection to your friends!

(Maybe this farm is a little overcrowded!)

Want to see more? Head over to the Steam store page today and check out the update for yourself right now!

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