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Welcome to the Monster Sanctuary FAQ! This is the place for all the information you need to start your quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper!

Below we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions that you might find useful.

Is Monster Sanctuary an Early Access title?

When does Monster Sanctuary launch?
Monster Sanctuary launched on Steam Early Access on August 28th

What platforms can I play Monster Sanctuary on? 
Monster Sanctuary is available on Steam Early Access (PC).

What kind of game is Monster Sanctuary?
Monster Sanctuary is a monster collecting and battling Metroidvania featuring turn-based 3vs3 combat!

Does Monster Sanctuary have Steam Workshop Support?
No. But the game features community designed monsters!

How many players is Monster Sanctuary?
Monster Sanctuary has an online matchmaking based PVP system where you can climb the leaderboards against other Keepers!

What’s the best way to play Monster Sanctuary?
Currently we advise the use of a controller with Monster Sanctuary, although mouse & keyboard works too!

Where can I find out more about the gameplay in Monster Sanctuary?
Check out the game’s page on our website or visit the Steam Store page!

What languages are supported in Monster Sanctuary?

Languages: Interface Subtitles
Spanish – Spain

Will Monster Sanctuary be going to other consoles or the GOG / Epic Games Store.
Our current focus is on the Steam Early Access version of Monster Sanctuary, with Nintendo Switch coming in the future.

I have a problem / would like to make a feature request, where can I go?
For bug reports or help with any issues you may encounter, please contact Team17 Customer Support here.

If you’d like to see a specific feature or mechanic in Monster Sanctuary, feel free to join the official Discord Channel where the Developers will see it!

Have more questions? Feel free to talk to us, as well as the Monster Sanctuary Keeper Community here:

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