Greetings, Marauders!

It has been a while since our last update, but we have been working hard, creating what has become our BIGGEST content update yet! Welcome to the United Allies Update! We had many focus points that we wanted to address this time around, including creating more “space” mechanics to keep the ship to ship combat spicy, as well as rewarding. We also wanted to transform how you play Marauders over a longer period of time, allowing us to add a wealth of content like ‘Tournaments’, which you will learn about later in this document. With all of this, AND adding new faction enemies, The United Allies, and their Colony Cruiser, we are confident that you will have more content to keep you entertained on those cold lonely nights among the stars. 

Before I send you on this journey of discovery through the Patch Notes, a quick update on our Anti-Cheat! 

We’ve been having a lot of success with our new Anti-Cheat implementations, catching and reporting with a high success rate. So now, it’s time to turn on the Auto Ban feature of this tool. For the last few months throughout testing, we were manually banning those caught, but with full confidence, we believe it’s time to move forward with Auto Banning. – Mac

And now, on to the Patch Notes! 


The United Allies Update includes a complete account “Wipe”. This means that any inventory, cosmetics (excluding preorder Cosmetics), and progress will be reset. This is a tool that we only intend on using during Early Access, and only when we need to for new systems and features. Thank you for your understanding!

  • You may have to manually use the “reset keybinds to default” button if keybinds don’t set or have “Any Key” text on them.
  • In the options gameplay menu language selection drop down menu Japanese is written in English instead of in Japanese (like the other languages are written in their native language).
Full Patch notes below: 

  • Colony Cruiser (First moving raid location, breach and dock)
  • Introducing our first new POI to Marauders since our Early Access release! This Raid location is unlike the others as it is heavily fortified from the outside with deadly turrets. The Colony Cruiser also moves throughout the map, making this moving fortress a challenge for all who try to enter, whether via Breach Pod, or Ship.
  • U.A. Marine enemies (Marines and Medics)
  • U.A. Marine cosmetic unlock set (3 heads and 3 bodies)
  • Heavy M1 Helmet Item
  • Sherman Rig and Plate Armour Items 
  • Tournament System
    • Engage in deadly combat to reach the top of a new Tournaments system, where you can win prizes like Supply drops and even Cosmetics, exclusive to the Tournaments!
  • Explosive Barrels and Cans
  • Penal Colony Camera System
  • Space Salvaging
    • Blow up a Breach Pod as it’s trying to escape or breach you? Now you can use the new Salvage system to scoop up that loot that you would have previously missed out on! This was an update to the game that was heavily player influenced!
  • Breakable Barriers
  • Weapon Detectors 
  • Operating Furnace 
  • Barbed Wire Traps
  • Electric Cables Traps
  • Fire Traps 
  • Flash, Smoke and Scrap Bombs
  • Grenade Box Supply Crate
  • 6 New Linear Missions (Zero to Hero)
  • Ship Recipes/Craftables
  • 8 New Trades and 2 New Characters
  • Ration and Medkit Vending Machines
  • China Lake GL
  • Mini Thumper GL
  • 40mm Ammo Type
  • Stoner 63 Rifle
  • 20 Ship Variants with “hard set” turrets, customisation disabled.
  • Duel 25mm Turret, Daul Large Rocket Turret and the 75mm Turret
  • Ship Trader
  • Proximity chat “VOIP” (Marauder to Marauder and Ship to Ship Default Keybind : V)
    • Note – VOIP will be deactivated by default, you will need to go into your audio settings to turn it on!
  • Unlockable Voice Packs
  • Inbox Message System
  • Tactical Walk (Default Keybind: Left Alt)
  • Spice – New item that temporarily blocks stamina use.
  • Secret Locations added
  • Full Panzer Rig Armour Item
  • MK3 Rig Armour Item
  • Medic bag item  
  • Twitch Drop Implementation  
  • Svt40 scope attachment item 
  • Asteroid mine furnace now burns the player 
  • M16 scope craftable item 
  • Visor effects and reflections are now limited to the surrounding edge of the mask 
  • Drug Stimulant Camera FX (Spice and Methamphetamine)  
  • “Spaced” Ejected Marauder Cinematic
  • Commando backpack static/pickup mesh 
  • Updated Spaceport middle underground tunnel to include shops/revamped
  • 40mm Projectile FX
  • Methamphetamine and the Large first aid kit now have icons
  • Airlock post process and brightness is now closer to raid location settings
  • Icon for heavy Stahlhelm
  • Salvage Airlock ship interiors
  • New M1 helmet Art (previous version is now the Heavy M1 Helmet)
  • Hip firing recoil disabled, now causes spread and camera shake.
  • Navy Commando squads in all raids except Capital Ship no longer spawn the Commando Major, new variants added instead.
  • You can no longer ADS with a broken weapon.
  • Crouch, Walking and Sprint now have different spatial and distance volume settings.
  • Faction trader no longer sells turrets but instead sells the K1 stock and the Riot Helmet. 
  • The default supply crate (normal and large) now has a chance to spawn a wider range of items, medical, valuables and armour etc. 
  • Overlord now sells a leather cap instead of a scout at level 1.
  • Svt40 scope is in the Central Empire, Captain Wolff level 4 unlock. 
  • L1A1 Rifle now has increased recoil (20%) and now fires 400 RPM rather than 440 RPM.
  • L1A1 Rifle compensator now reduces recoil by 15% instead of 20%.  
  • BAR fire rate increased from 390 rpm to 425 rpm. recoil reduced by 10%.
  • Bar camera is now further back when ADS.
  • MP40 suppressor now requires metal sheet and metal scrap to craft.
  • All ships have a critical hit area (x2 damage, engine area).
  • Svt40 rifle now unlocks at level 3.
  • VZ Klobb is now fully automatic again but does 18 damage, down from 20. Now has a 20 round capacity magazine.
  • VZ Klobb now requires 3 junk and 3 metal scrap to craft.
  • Players now receive 7% of the damage from external ship damage (after being disabled) relating to the turret used rather than a flat 4 damage.
  • Flak turrets now have a 1.5 second fuse (up from 0.5 seconds, now longer range). 
  • Nuclear mines now do 1000 base damage down from 3000 (but will damage inside crewmates).
  • Nuclear mine now has 200% larger damage radius.
  • Headshot multiplier is now x3.25 (up from x3).
  • Run dry mission now gives 1 med crate and 2 meth rather than 2 med crates.
  • All SMGs have had a further reduction to firing spread when non-ads shooting. around 20% to 30%.
  • Security Teams can now wear mk1, mk2, mk3 and mk1 rig armours.
  • A.P. mine now does around 80 damage rather than 150.
  • S.A.S. are now 100 health down from 150 (except for leader is now 150 down from 200).
  • Red baron is now 250 health, down from 300.
  • All shotguns have had their hip firing spread reduced by 20% but their ads spread increased by 20% bringing them closer together in spread.
  • Johnson rifle is now 42 damage down from 44.
  • Civilian, Pirate and leather cap/helmets now negates 1 blast damage.
  • The L1A1 trade “spy disguise” now requires 5 B.A. berets instead of 3.  
  • The L1A1 trade “spy disguise” now provides 300. Magnum ammo instead of the extended mag.  
  • K.A. supply drop can now contain Brens and biscuit tins. 
  • U.A. supply drop now has the chance to spawn the China Lake, Full Sherman Armour, Full Sherman Rig.
  • B.A. Vest now has a blast damage rating of 1.
  • Player acceleration/Sprint is now 1200 units per second (rather than instant).
  • Methamphetamine now blocks stamina use but for a shorter time over “Spice”.
  • Blast armour now protects you (times by 10) from all explosion damage types (barrel, grenade, mine, 40mm launchers).
  • Prestige now gives 3 points on the first, then 2 on the second then 1 on the third, then 2 on the 4th then 3 indefinitely.
  • AI should now have different voice/languages per ai type (when they shout insults).
  • New tournament menu accessible from the bottom bar of the main menu.
  • New UI for the in-game inbox system.
  • Updated the main appearance UI (Category tabs now more consistent with tabs in the rest of the UI and reworked the voice selection).
  • New camera movement closer to the characters head when on voice tab.
  • Updated the hangar UI to include a the new ship shop.
  • Added the ships class to the ship management screen.
  • Hangar menu now shows info on current ships turret(s) in the bottom right description area.
  • Updated the ship icons used in the shop, ship management & crews.
  • UI for Twitch Drops.
  • Added ‘Report Abuse’ button to the in-game exit menu.
  • Main menu weapon workbench now has a graph to help you compare weapons (hover over other weapons to compare with your current selected).
  • Updated the scope icon on the workbench.
  • Updated the main menu stats menu to include the new marine AI type.
  • Added ‘Tactical Walk’ to the keybinds menu.
  • Added new VOIP section the keybinds menu (Push-To-Talk & Toggle Mute Others).
  • Voip keybind can be changed in the options keybinds menu.
  • Updated the Audio options menu to include VOIP settings: My Mic (Off, Push-To-Talk, Open), My Mic Volume, Hear Other Players (Enable, Disabled), Other Player Volume.
  • HUD now shows a little icon top left when you are VOIP talking.
  • Updated the global kills leaderboard menu (including making your row highlight more obviously).
  • Updated UI for maintenance, versioning, banning.
  • Updated the guide info.
  • Gift menu now can be scrolled in case the player has too many gifts to fit in the original screen size.
  • Reduced the size of the recycle icon for scrapping in the crafting menu.
  • Recipe reward element (in unlocked core contracts) now has a bigger image and the text is split over 2 lines to stop overlap.
  • All pistols except the Webley and Mosin (already quick) now have a quicker, less elaborate animation (for a quicker draw time) so that’s Welrod, Colt variations, P08 Luger, M712 Pistol, Flare Pistol.
  • Animations for the Mini Thumper.
  • Animations for the China Lake.
  • Animations for the Stoner 63.
  • Tweak to the unarmed idle animation to help reduce jolt on stopping. 
  • New sounds for near miss projectiles whizzing past you when you are a ship or a pod.
  • New voicelines set: Australian male
  • New voicelines set: French female
  • New voicelines set: German male
  • New voicelines set: German female
  • New voicelines set: Romanian male
  • New voicelines set: Hungarian male
  • New voicelines set: American male
  • New Streamer voice pack for Twitch Drops.
  • Updated original English, French and Polish voice lines with new post effect for consistency with new voicelines.
  • Updated the impact effects of the shell hitting things for the flare gun projectile.
  • New airlock door/open and close sounds.
  • Updated pickup/putdown item sounds.
  • Adjusted footsteps to occlude better when footsteps are further away.  
  • Removed sound blocking from smaller assets to help with occlusion.
  • Better sound occlusion on the Asteroid Mine raid area.
  • Better sound occlusion on the Spaceport raid area.
  • Better sound occlusion on the Navy Outpost raid area.
  • Better sound occlusion on the Merchant Ship raid area.
  • Better occlusion on the Penal Colony raid area.
  • Better occlusion on the Terraformer raid area.
  • Better sound occlusion on Rustbucket ship interior.
  • Reduced the volume of the MG42 shooting sound.
  • Sounds for the new unique interactions (explodable barrels, barbed wire, fires, eclectic cables, vending machines, breakable barriers, weapon detectors, furnace, security cameras).
  • Sounds for being ejected into space (I’ll let you figure out how to get that sound to play).
  • Removed ‘whizz’ looping audio components from space projectiles as now done in the ‘player’ instead.
  • Fixed main menu hitch when you switch between ships in the hangar. 
  • Fixed up redirectors.
  • Reduced the amount of impact sounds that can play at one time for the flare gun projectile.
  • Added Japanese localisation option to the gameplay options menu.
  • Added Korean localisation option to the gameplay options menu.
  • Misc localisation fixes (overlapping text, cut off text).
  • Exploit fixes (No we won’t be listing all of them, we fixed A LOT)
  • When a server is “downed” players will now be returned to the main menu with the current loot/gear and progress in raid at the point the server was shut down.
  • Crash fixes
  • Fixed a bug that stopped body armour from working for NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug where Spaceport meat shop receipt mission had the wrong name when you looked at the quest interactable (previously said “cargo report”).
  • Fixes for misc spelling and grammar mistakes across the game.
  • Fixed some text signs in Terraformer not using the correct font.
  • Fixed text render in Spaceport not using the correct font.
  • Fire extinguisher capacity now shows correct value in the workbench.
  • Fixed some sounds missing sound class settings.
  • Fixed bug with Global Leaderboard.
  • Fixed missing icon on the weapon attachment scopes throughout the UI in the main menu.
  • Fix for some sounds being affected by UI slider instead of effects slider.
  • Increased max bullet impact sound concurrency that is allowed to play to stop sounds getting cut off.
  • Fix for leaderboard not filling in unless you have a score on it.
  • Fix for not getting “warning pods can’t enter” warning not present on Terraformer raid area.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘whisper’ AI action node would never do a whisper voice.
  • Fixed a dodgy hand position on the PPSH in the main menu animation pose since we changed to the new ‘dirty gun’ version.
  • Fixed a bug where some gun shooting sounds were not using the correct spatialisation asset.
  • Collision update for bunk bed mesh.
  • Fixed some bad vaulting over object locations.
  • Fixed a collision issue that would allow the A.P. mine to pass through certain surfaces.
  • Fixed chains not connecting to the ceiling in Asteroid Mine.
  • Pirate Trader no longer sells a supply crate at level 15 instead of a machete.

To celebrate the United Allies Update, Marauders is currently on SALE on Steam (20% off!), so if you haven’t joined us yet, now is the time! 


That was a lot to get through. You’ll probably have to go read it again to catch everything, or you know, go play Marauders! Get out there and start earning your loot, Space Pirates! As always, if you encounter any issues/bugs after the update is live, please use the Support section in our Discord or the in-game Bug report option to get in touch with our team. We appreciate you taking the time to report issues as it helps us find and fix them as fast as possible. 

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! See you out there!

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