The Red Baron


Welcome Space Pirates, to the first content update for Marauders, The Red Baron! Get ready to face this infamous foe who will be roaming your raids in his personal Strike Frigate, a ship capable of some of the fastest manoeuvres you’ve seen to date. If you get lucky, you can board his ship and go toe to toe with him for his valuable Blast armour and weapons. Don’t forget to search the ship for any hidden loot!

If you are returning to Marauders, heads up, this Update includes a full Wipe of everyone’s progress and accounts. For those of you not familiar with the term ‘Wipe’ in this context, during early access there will be times that we will need to implement new systems or gameplay features. Sometimes these new features will require us to reset everyone’s progress back to a clean slate. With the new Raid Missions and Daily Market that we have added in this update, it required a wipe in order for the features to work as intended. 

Beware of The Red Baron

Before we get into the juicy details of this Update, check out this list of Known Issues that we are aware of and will be implementing fixes for as soon as we can. 

WARNING: This update and wipe will cause settings to be reset to default, we apologies for the inconvenience. This includes graphic settings, sound and keybinds.

Known problems:
  • Localisation may be incorrect or missing, due to content changes
  • You may need to reset your graphics settings and keybindings as we have added more options.
  • Disappearing items (including containers) have had our full attention and some efforts have been made to elevate the issue, but due to its obscurity and complexity, we cannot confirm if it’s fixed and may still occur.

And now, all the details of today’s Update!

  • Red Baron Boss (5 Loadout variations)
  • Baron head and body unlockable cosmetic  
  • Strike Frigate (Red Barons personal Frigate)
  • Increased Locations per Raid (up to 3 raid locations can now spawn in space)
  • Maximum 40 player server capacity, up to 10 crews.
  • 40% Increase to the Space map size.
  • Raid Missions (Raids provide players up to 3 missions to complete, rewarding faction XP)
  • Market Trades (Replacing daily contracts). These will refresh every 24 hours and will contain trades for potentially rare loot!
  • M712 special variant, chambered in .45 acp with a 20 round capacity.
  • Suppressor for the M712 pistol and the M712 special.
  • L1A1 Assault Rifle. 300 Magnum. 20 round capacity.   
  • L1A1 Extended Mag and L1A1 Compensator
  • Armour type – Blast Armour. This armour mitigates damage taken from inside a ship shot by another ship.
  • Heavy pilot armour (blast armour)
  • Heavy pilot helmet (blast armour)
  • Pilot Armour (blast armour)
  • Pilot Helmet  (blast armour)
  • Baron cap 
  • Items such as heavy PSH helmet, diamonds, bank notes and silver ring
  • 5 new linear contracts  (Zero To Hero)
  • 35 market deals/trades now available with various dealer types.  
  • SAS operative body cosmetic now unlockable
  • L1A1 can now be found in the k.a. strongbox 
  • The Red Baron and his Strike Frigate have a 20% spawn rate.
  • Flak Vests now have blast armour value
  • Pods are now targeted by A.I. Ships and Turrets.
  • Zero to hero campaign now gives more pirate faction XP, enough to get the player to level 10 of the pirate faction when the missions are complete.
  • Cosmetics outside the basic raider set have had their cost increased. Cosmetics that were missing their requirements now have them 
  • Post raid statistics, including what weapon killed you, accuracy and many more.
  • Strike frigate interior map
  • Space Debris and Asteroid Pass
  • Moving asteroids
  • 16 Market Avatars added
  • New Jump Gate model
  • Market given its own scene in the main menu 
  • Some tweaking to the shop market widgets.
  • Lighting and scene set up for market background.
  • Scout ships can now be bought from the Kingdom Alliance trader.
  • Sten suppressor, Uzi suppressor and Mp40 suppressor now have less complicated recipe requirements.  
  • Repo Man mission can now be completed by examining any forklift in (all raid locations, instead of the asteroid mine half-track bike)
  • Thompson Damage increased 25>26
  • Mac10 Damage increased 22>24
  • MP40 Damage increased 24>25
  • Heavy Thompson Damage increased 25>26
  • Mp40 now has a 10% reduction in recoil
  • Mp40 is now craftable. 
  • PPSH is no longer craftable.
  • PPSH added to Trader.
  • MP40 removed from trader (MP40 now considered a mid tier weapon after all changes). 
  • 30% increase to the amount of ammo spawning in an ammo container.  
  • Weapons in the trader no longer contain ammo
  • Sten, Mat49 and Uzi have had around a 50% reduction in cost/value.
  • Hidden stash and repo man now only require 1 second to examine to prevent confusion with multiples required.
  • Commando squads now have the same spawn rate in asteroid mine as other locations. 
  • Sack bag craft recipe now only requires junk scrap.
  • Pirate helmet requires 1 less scrap junk.
  • Zero to Hero campaign now gives more pirate faction xp, enough to get the player to level 10 of the pirate faction when the missions are complete. 
  • L1A1 and its attachments can now be found in the K.A. strongbox 
  • Cosmetics outside the basic raider set have had their cost increased. Cosmetics that were missing their requirements now have them.
  • Capital ship no longer has a main turret (Disabled) but has 2 floating turrets guarding it.
  • Market menu is now implemented into the trader window, under a new market tab. 
  • Appearance menu updated with new cosmetics: Red Baron head, Red Baron body and the new SAS body
  • When you first spawn into a raid, your in-raid missions appear in the top right of the HUD for a short period of time.
  • In-game inventory has had a rework to show the in-raid mission info breakdowns.
  • End screen now shows in-raid mission results.
  • End Raid menu now show Raid stats for: damage dealt, health healed, shots fired, shots hit, headshots, amount looted, breaches, ships disabled, shanks, and close calls. 
  • When you die the End Raid menu now shows you what weapon was used to kill you, and where the shot that killed you hit.
  • New UI on items to show when armour has a blast armour value  
  • Changed the way you set screen resolution and windowed mode in the options menu  
  • New setting in the options menu for setting UI scale
  • When unlocked the vault door now says “Vault Door” instead of just “Door”.  
  • When ship is at 0 health, UI popup now says “Repair or Abandon Ship”, to help let new players know that you can also repair your ship.
  • Updated prestige unlock menu to say “Trader Reputation gets wiped”, also added that you can use prestige points to unlock increased inventory and ship storage.
  • Main menu support ticket button now takes you to Team17 official support to centralise support tickets and help us manage them. 
  • In-game report bug button now takes you to Team 17 support.
  • New popup when you buy a ship from the shop, telling you it is available in your hangar.
  • Updated the ship management menu wording to use the term sell instead of scrap.
  • Removed daily contracts summary UI from main menu (to go with the system changes).  
  • Killing the Red Baron now shows up in the UI of your tracked stats.
  • Updated the in-game exit menu image with the new warp exit gate model.
  • Added a UI blocker over the “unlock” button in ‘”appearance” tab during matchmaking.
  • Changed wording for keybinding of “jump” key to be “jump / vault” 
  • Crew names can no longer just be empty or blank spaces.
  • Zero to Hero contracts menu is now ‘cleaner’.
  • Moved faction standing menu to the trade menu and tweaked its look.
  • Tweaked the scale of different ships in the main menu hangar to make them feel more grand.
  • Striker frigate rigged and animated.
  • L1A1 weapon rigged and animated.
  • Player animations for L1A1.
  • Animations for the Mauser Special.
  • Animated elements of the new space exit gate.
  • Updated exit gate cinematic to include the new Striker Frigate.
  • Tweaks to the exit gate cinematic (quicker, added a bit of randomised rotation to the ship as it leaves).
  • Realigned the Mac-10 position on your character in the main menu when equipped in the secondary slot.
  • Tweaks to the vault door sound set.
  • New system for playing weapon foley sounds when moving around, currently for jump land light, and jump land heavy (will be expanded upon in the future).
  • New set of generic weapon foley sounds.
  • New sounds when repairing armours, weapons etc.
  • New ambient sounds added to metal space debris (like the rings).
  • Ambient sounds added to the capital and merchant ship raid exteriors.
  • Ambient sound added to the small clusters of space rocks.
  • Sounds for the L1A1: shooting, handling etc.
  • New items have pickup put down sounds.
  • New items have scrapping sounds.
  • New items have repairing sounds.
  • Enhanced the exit gate sounds.
  • New bullet impact sounds for hitting all material types.
  • Space ambience audio is now wrapped in an ‘blueprint actor’ allowing us to do more dynamic audio per skybox in the future.
  • Put in some temporary sound effects for when you reload the Jackhammer, Double barrel shotgun, Trench gun (will do a proper pass when we have done unique animations for their reloads).
  • Optimised space debris objects tick rate.
  • Optimised ship interior components.
  • Optimised tick rate for rock space clusters.
  • Optimised the exit gate actors/elements.
  • Deleted second settings menu that was spawned unnecessarily in the main menu.
  • Ships network optimisation.
  • Various fixes for crashes.
  • Various fixes for exploits.
  • Various fixes for inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where raid area entrances would block projectiles.
  • Fixes added to prevent falling through airlock floors.
  • Fixed a bug where credits aren’t removed when unlocking a recipe.
  • Fixed a bug where the Webley pistol would have a shell casing drop sound after each shot (when it shouldn’t).
  • Fix added to stop light turrets from creating a pop when shooting on some headphones.
  • Fixed a bug where the exit gate area would block projectiles.
  • Fixed bug where “f” would show up when you looked at ship engines inside the ships. 
  • Fixed a bug where you could not get money for scrapping a ship.
  • Fixed a bug where prestige points wouldn’t be taken if you bought prestige cost appearance items.
  • Fix for player stuck in the crouch position after exiting the port camera “periscope” in any ship.
  • Fixed entrance area material light bleed from one of the Spaceport entrances.
  • Fix for the solo launch to raid button being stuck greyed out if you had created a crew, started searching for a match, cancelled and then disbanded
  • Fixed the jackhammer weapon camera being too close in the weapon workbench  
  • Fixed a bug where in main menu hangar a second turret preview mesh would be shown on a rustbucket if you went from capital ship with dual guns and then selected rustbucket  
  • Fix for bug where you could get softlocked in the ship management menu.
  • Fixed a bug where using Esc to close the ship management menu didn’t play a sound.
  • Fixes to switching/setting resolution.
  • Fixes to switching/setting windows mode.
  • Tweak to help make it easier to shoot as the heavy frigate.
  • Can no longer shoot your gun while in the in-ship drop pod using animation sequence.
  • Grammar fixes for some item descriptions.
  • Spelling fixes for misc item descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where the right-click options and split UI elements would appear behind containers and bags popup windows.
  • Fixed the K1 compensator and the K1 wire stock reward icons stuck infinite loading on the commander control core contract.
  • Spaceport exit locations have been moved to prevent players spawning inside asteroids
  • Pickup art for M712 fixed.
  • Fix for all players getting the ‘Pod cant Enter’ popup if a pod tries to enter a raid location. 
  • Fixed description error on heavy frigate ship.
  • Fixed weapons menu stat for ammo amount being wrong for the MG-42 and heavy MG-42 magazine.

That was a lot to get through, thanks for sticking with us all the way through! Now it’s time to suit up, and get out there Space Pirates. There’s loot to be found, and other Marauders to kill in order to earn it.

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