Hello Inventors!

Welcome back to Main Assembly, where you’re the designer, engineer and architect. If you can imagine it you can create it! Construct robots of any shape or size from eight-legged spider bots to eerie UFO contraptions. Engineer each and every appendage with powerful visual programming letting you dictate the bots every move. When you’ve completed your masterpiece, open the world builder and craft the ultimate obstacle course to push your bot to its limit.

Anyway, now that we’re done prefacing ……. We are proud to bring you our 5th and largest update yet for Main Assembly! We have loads of content for you to get your hands on in this update. Let’s take a look at what’s included in Update #5!

Watch the trailer:

Bot Brawls Game Mode

We can finally unveil our new game mode, Bot Brawls! It’s time to fight your friends and find out who can build the best killing machine.

World Building V2

World Building now has logic scripting support. You can now, for example, script your own game modes! World Building now also has animation support. World blocks can now be animated so you can create your own elevator and doors for example.

New Bad Yolk Games World Building Level

To celebrate our new update, we’ve been busy working on a brand new World Building Level! Take on this gauntlet style challenge with friends and see who can make it to the end and claim victory!

Water Simulation + Parts

Water physics is here! It is now possible to create boats and submarines. Several new water-themed parts have been added (flotation, depth sensor, periscope and more).

Sandy Box Map

New Sandbox Map added, Sandy Box! Explore this vast desert and find the hidden Drone cosmetic set. Explore and discover the secrets of the desert!

Fixes & Optimisations

  • Dummy World is now available in Sandbox Mode
  • Added an aerodynamic and boat hull material category
  • Aerodynamic system clamping has been improved and is now more stable
  • Improved error handling for Workshop uploads
  • Kits are now version migrating properly, old workshop kits will load properly again
  • Several new drone cosmetic sets have been added
  • Bot damage and melee weapons have received an overhaul, this should now work more predictably
  • UI element warning about bad connections added
  • Some rare crash fixes
  • Bug fix for key bindings failing for some players
  • Programming achievements work again
  • CPU outputs are now clamped… again…
  • Norrland/Dummy World night time now works in challenge mode
  • Sonar sound added to speaker part
  • And many more minor fixes/tweaks

We hope you are all just as excited as we are for this mega update! We can’t wait to see what our amazing Community are going to build and create with even more parts and blocks to play with! We can’t wait to sea your aquatic creations!

Be sure to share your creations over on the Main Assembly Workshop with other Inventors!

Thanks for reading and happy inventing! We will see you Wednesday for our Dev Log #32!

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