Out now for PlayStation VR, Lethal VR is a fast paced action shooter set in an FBI training simulation from indie developers Three Fields Entertainment. Hone your skills in the arena with a wide range of weapons including dual handguns, throwing knives and ninja stars! Inspired by classic arcade shooters and enhanced with VR, Lethal brings a brand new experience to the familiar arcade shooter style genre.

With over 30 training missions to complete and master, Lethal VR is a true weapons training experience.

As always, let us know what you think, we want your first impressions and obviously your high scores too! Got a favourite weapon or simulation? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments!

You can grab Lethal VR here, there is also a 20% launch discount for PS Plus members, so you can get training for less!

Enjoy yourselves recruits, and good luck!

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