Time to climb the leaderboards

It’s been a little while since our last update, we’ve been busy working on the game and getting the development process in line so that we can release regular updates. We really appreciate your patience and feedback and we’re super excited about todays update and the ones to follow.

One of the top requested features that we’ve seen since Sheltered entered Early Access is the introduction of leaderboards, so you have something to make all the cannibalism, murdering, or peaceful pillaging of the nuclear wasteland worth it. As well as the introduction of the leaderboards in this update, there’s also some fixes:

-Fixed an issue with expedition characters becoming stuck if shelter doors are left closed.
-Fixed an issue with items vanishing when transferred between storage areas.
-Added a localisation string for the infection status.
-Fixed an issue where recruited characters with food poisoning did not vomit.

We’re really looking forward to seeing a bit of competition in the leaderboards, and seeing just how long you guys manage to survive. And as usual keep the feedback coming!

Love Sonny, Dean & Team 17

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