A multi-day celebration of upcoming games! Experience three of our newest games ahead of launch, during Steam Next Fest.

The Serpent Rogue – New Demo

Experience this action-adventure set in a medieval fantasy world!

Master the art of alchemy, explore forgotten lands and protect the realm from impending disaster. Play as the mysterious alchemist known only as The Warden, as you craft, brew, boil and concoct all manner of potions to protect the realm from the dreadful Serpent Rogue!

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Batora: Lost Haven – New Demo

Play as Avril, a naïve and reckless girl who lost everything when her planet was decimated.

The physical and mental powers of Avril are her only weapons to save the Earth from oblivion. Explore colorful and mesmerizing planets, in a fast paced adventure where your conscience will carry the weight of your decisions.

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The Unliving – New Demo

Raise the dead as a fearsome Necromancer, in the dark world of The Unliving!

The realm of the living has become corrupted to its core, and a storm is coming to change the world order. Play as a mighty Necromancer, leading legions of the dead to smite those standing in your way, and turn them into your tools on the way to a greater purpose in this rogue-lite action RPG!

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Check out pre-recorded livestreams of all three during the event on Steam!

And don’t forget to share your experiences by tagging us! Make sure to use #SteamNextFest !

Steam Next Fest starts on Monday the 21st of February at 6PM GMT, and will end on Monday the 28th of February, at 6PM GMT.

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