Calling all Peeps! Today we are excited to announce a partnership between Team17 and Balancing Monkey Games!

Team17 and Balancing Monkey Games are bringing non-violent city-building game, Before We Leave, to Steam players on 13th May 2021!

Set in a world that’s recovered from an apocalypse and ready for exploring and recivilising, Before We Leave sees players guide a group of surviving ‘Peeps’ as they chart new discoveries and lands.

Since its initial launch in 2020, a number of significant content additions have been made to the game, including new biomes such as the swamp, rainforest, and crystal isle; new vehicles and infrastructure, as well as the release of the Kraken.

Key Features:

  • Expand the Horizons: Going from a lowly settlement to a sprawling colony of Peeps, players will need to traverse mountains, forests, oceans and the depths of space  to explore and settle
  • Tremendous Tech: As players progress they can research technology to better their civilisation, including sailing, industry, trade, and more
  • Keep the Peeps Happy: Running a colony is no small feat; in Before We Leave players will need to keep track of Peep happiness alongside pollution, food, and resources
  • A Whole New World: With a number of biomes filled with resources and mysterious relics to harvest from, it’s the players job to utilise the land and plan their colony
  • Award-winning Soundtrack: Benedict Nichols (Omno, The Falconeer) composes a soundtrack fit for any benevolent leader, winning a Pav ‘The Composed Segment’ award for excellence in audio for his score, working alongside James Dean of Akau Audio who provided in-game sound design

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