Today we’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Hermes Interactive to bring indie kitchen puzzle game, Automachef, to Nintendo Switch and Steam in Summer 2019!

Take your first steps into Automachef’s world of culinary conundrums with our new announcement trailer:

Get ready to work with your 100% definitely human and not a robot boss, Robert Person, as you’re tasked with creating a series of fully-automated kitchens that can produce a variety of tasty dishes. From the humble burger, to a wide range of combo meals, players will need to overcome spatial, energy and design challenges to deliver meals in a timely manner.

Each kitchen will give players difference scenarios that require multiple machines in order to successfully process and complete different orders. How you achieve that, is down to you!

The challenging world of running successful restaurants awaits you with:

Three tasty modes! Take on the campaign, build a business in Contracts Mode or practice your builds and play freely in Test Site Mode 

Feisty robots! Well, robot. Throughout your time in Automachef, you’ll be accompanied by Robert Person who will offer you help and abundant, definitely human charm 

Machines! From the order reader to the assembler and everything in between, you must tell each machine what it needs to do (they can’t think for themselves just yet…) 

Human food! Whether it’s a tasty cheeseburger or crunchy salad, each recipe requires different machines with different commands to make it… and don’t even get me started on combo meals! 

Blueprints! Created the perfect production line? Save your plans as blueprints to use in future kitchens.  

A humble burger kitchen. Simple and tasty!

Prepare yourself to become a masterful kitchen manager and keep up to speed with all things Automachef by Wishlisting on Steam!

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